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  • Thanks for the new signature. I like it, but I'm gonna keep the other one for a while...
    UGH. Sorry for the gender confusion. I usually check up on something like that before refering to a user as a he or a she but I guess I was lazy in this situation. Sorry!
    Ah well thats not to bad but i cant afford a $100 scanner sadly...im still just a 14 year old -_-
    Thats why i said in 2 years maybe i can get a scanner
    Unless i use a camera....but that sounds hard lol
    lol ya i draw but i scanners are SOOOO expensive -_- maybe when I can get a job in 2 years i can save up for one lol
    No I gave up fan fics long ago lol
    plus ppl like Atsuma are way better than me,my focus is drawing and once I get a darn scanner then I can show you guys my drawings :P
    Your not the only one helpless at making sigs Atsuma...I stink at it pretty bad -_-
    I also stink at writing Fan Fiction but thats a story for...well never.
    *stares in awe* Your sig is sooo beautiful ^o^
    I was just surfing around, and it just jumped out at me... man, you have some skills there :33
    Maaaayyyybbbbbeeee... Ha Ha Ha! I have grown to drawing zelda more and more and more...
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