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  • Electric arrows. People love when Zelda games include future tech in them, and the arrows would be a good dungeon weapon as well as just a weapon in general. They'd probably be one of the last items to obtain as they would both stun and do heavy damage to enemies.
    I would probably not live in any, but if I didn't have a choice but to move to one, the answer would be Windfall island as it seems like a very friendly place. It also contains anything I could need to buy or use (like a school for kids) unlike other places in Zelda. Windfall is also very safe. In many of the towns in Zelda, bad things happen, but the worst thing that happened to Windfall was that it was invaded by friendly pirates who actually helped the town by shutting down one of its exploiters and buying plenty of drinks for themselves.
    Well THAT was Random. I'd have to say Sonic the Hedgehog Blue. I don't think there's a shade of blue more pure than that one. Forest green is a very close second. (As my Personality is green)
    Hello, Tictalk. I wanted to wish you a great birthday. I hope that your day is extra special.
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