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  • Thank you for saying that we share similar thoughts! That means a lot to me that my opinion isn't the only that someone else thinks.
    Thanks for the friend request! What made you want to be my friend? :3
    Dude being under 18 isn't against the law I've had an eBay account since I was 15 and they don't care.
    Hello, a few days back you asked me to post a link to the imprisoned concept art
    hyrule historia | Tumblr
    it's on here 3rd post down and you need to enlarge it to see it properly.
    I'm talking about the one with the nice body pattern an glowing red eyes.
    Nice signature. It just needs a Skyward Sword Link. ;)

    Since you're fairly new here, I take the pleasure of welcoming you to these venerable forums.
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