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  • Oh! (smacks myself over the head.) Thanks for watching hopefully I'll get another one out Monday. But one of my brothers was saying something like the censor bar is broken for the wii so that could slow me down a bit. :(
    Also I was planning to release an Announcements video where I'd address a few things pertaining as to why I discontinued WW Lp but when I finished recording, I found that none of the audio had recorded correctly... :dry:
    I think it'd be awesome to see Four Swords Adventures. That may seem like a cop out answer but thats my answer. I also heard theres a two player minecraft somewhere. So I guess Minecraft wouldn't be too bad afterall.
    I want your input here; My WW walkthrough has sorta gone down the tube for me a lotta different problems are going on with it but I wanna start fresh with a different series so; Super Mario Galaxy? OOT? SS? Or Super Mario Sluggers?
    It's "Terminus" in Gallifreyan!
    Get the translator at Gallifreyan Translator by ~BlackHatGuy on deviantART!
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