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  • That's cool! I'll be looking forward to seeing those videos from the Hero Mode Ancienst Cistern!
    I just checked out your channel. It was cool, I liked the anti-fox stage! :lol: I also saw some of the NFS videos, and I must agree, the quality really is grand! You said it was 720p, I understand that's very good, but what kind of camera is it?
    I see, well I'm looking forward to that challenge. Perhaps I'll take it on this christmas... I probably will. As for now, I need to do some homework. :(
    Okay, so it's the combat that becomes harder in the Hero Mode, the puzzles remain the same.
    So what's different with the Hero Mode except that one takes doubble damage? Hve the overworld and the dungeons been changed?
    I'm sailing around Lanayru Sand Sea with Skipper, searching for his lost ship. So I think I'll be tackling the fifth dungeon quite soon. How is it going for you in the Hero Mode? If your answer contains major spoilers I don't want to hear, just saying. :)
    It wasn't a tough decision for me, Skyward Sword really is the greatest game ever made in my opinion.

    Since I was 13 in 2008, you and I must have started playing Zelda at about the same time.
    Same here. When I was little I played mostly Pokémon and Mario. I did play a little Zelda, but not much at all. It wasn't until I was 13 that I really got into the Zelda franchise and became the proud Zelda nerd that I am today. :)
    I've been playing Pokémon since I was five, and I also play some Mario and Kirby sometimes. But Zelda is the big thing! I do also play games from series such as Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Super Smash Bros., so as you can see, I play Nintendo games only. One could call me a proud Nintendo nerd. :)

    What other games do you play?!
    Oh really, I just reached it. I'm gonna go through it the next time I play.
    But I heard somewhere that the 50-100 hours was actually what it takes to 100% complete the game.

    I'm working my way towards the fourth dungeon at the moment. But I'm doing a lot of side quests as well. The game's great. It must become the game of the year!
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