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  • Hey, I'm not too bad, that's a random question, not too keen on stories but it would depend on certain things, how's things with you?
    Hey Just started my new/first group. Please read the rules and join if you want. Wow five messages, all from me to people. Write stuff on my visitor message board! Pretty please with ocktorock dumplings on top
    Have not been on in a while... I will be working on my blog, I know the begin (or what's there) is weak, but it get's better. Btw... RUN INTO THE LIGHT WHERE A MAN IN A SKIRT AND TIGHTS IS STANDING!
    Just beat Link's Awakening for the first time. I know it's a bit late to beat it, but hey, at least I did beat it. :)
    New Blots coming every week! Sorry for weak start to story, it gets better though.
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