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  • I'm assuming that's near Niagara Falls? If so, I've been there before.

    It should be fun. I will finally have difficult classes, and I'll meet new people.
    I agree completely. It worries me that people are so ready to celebrate over the death of a human being, without really knowing why. But it's nice to know I am not the only one who feels this.
    Hey, Seth. I have to say, I'm very impressed with your posts on the Bin Laden thread, and in many others in the Mature Discussion forum. I appreciate one who is not for rejoicing in the death of a human being. Nice work. ;)
    Heheh, well did you know you have the name of Seth, Osiris evil brother? :xd: (You killed him you better be on your guard. :O)
    Hai! Just wanna know, when you named yourself Seth here do you mean the Egyptic god or is your real name Seth? :) (Or did you just think it was cool? :P)
    Been revisiting AoL recently lol
    My favorite is OoT followed closely by MM and ALTTP.

    I've played every Zelda game except MC, PH, ST and the FS games.
    I plan to get those one of these days though.
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