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Sage of Darkness
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  • S'okay. Basically you draw a pic based on the theme and send your entry to me via Personal message by the deadline. Be sure to read the rules of the contest beforehand and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
    Lol, sorry. I can't answer all of them! :bleh: And I don't really care about the differences between the Ghirahim groups. :xd:
    Wait, what fan fic? Oh wait...Army of the Damned? I am not working on that one at the moment, I am working on Asgard Legends, another cooler story in my opinion. You can join that one too if you want, it's better than AOTD, wayyyyyyy betttttttter!
    Sage, your sig is done. You can pick it up at my thread. Tell me if need any change. Hope you like it.
    Ok I got all of the characters, but the king of red lions, do you want the boat form or the king itself? And for the first Zelda game, do you the old man sprite or the artwork?
    Hey there, SoD! I'm Linknerd09! I see that you posted on my thread and yes, I'm happy to make you one. So you just want all the old people from almost every Zelda in a dark red cloudy background, right? You wouldn't mind if you can wait awhile because I have some other members waiting on their request.
    lol. Well thank-you. ^^ I am a nice person, I promise. I have been told that many times throughout my life.
    The avatar and signature are related to concepts that I really enjoy. Literary concepts and artistic concepts grab my attention. One in particular I have always been focused on is the idea of a deadly rose. This is the idea that something that is deadly or dangerous appears beautiful and inviting. This largely relates to vampires. (I would like to say here, that i was into vampires way before they became popular). As to the signature. I'm a bit of a pyro. XD Part of how I got the nickname Din. :) And thanks for listening to the podcast!
    I believe you have to be an administrator. You usually have to be a member of the staff, and hand what you've composed to Mases so he can post it in an update. You'll have to ask him for information.
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