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Mr Reaper
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    So I've seen some pretty creative (obviously fake) locations out there
    my location isn't fake
    Why thank you, and the same to you!
    Tool is definitely my 2nd favorite band (1st is Radiohead...) but yes, they are indeed an amazing band. (Ironically I'm listening to A Perfect circle right now...haha).
    Hey there! Do you have a direct link to the image you wish to use as your background?
    You won't be disappointed with the 6-hole from Songbird though. They are very high quality and have never let me down.
    Ahoy, Mr. Reaper, and welcome to ZD! I hope that you have a fantastic time here!
    I recommend Songbird Ocarinas for an OoT replica. I got my 12-hole from there and I love it. Songbird Ocarinas | Video Game Inspired Ocarinas
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