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  • Sorry for the several minute late reply. I was completing some chemistry. You seem like a pretty interesting guy hence the FR.

    It goes rather well. What game franchises are among your favorites?
    Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. :)

    They are challenging, and I think that since mental illnesses don't have clear physical scars so a lot of people don't understand them, but they can be just as disabling as a physical injury in their own way.
    I'm a sir; I have the female icon because it looks pretty neat in my opinion.

    I really wish it were raining where I live; I absolutely love the rain and would love it to rain all day EVERY day.
    It's a pleasure to meet you! :)
    I love Kingdom Hearts, the entire series. :>
    I don't own Birth by Sleep either nor do I own a PSP, but I've found ways to play through it (mostly visiting my local Best Buy in the region). I really love the game in its entirety, but enough about me. How're you faring? :)
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