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  • Well, Sonic Generations also comes on the PS3 so you could get it if you really wanted to......it’s for 360/PS3 and while the one on 3DS is different from those ones, it’s still a cool game :yes:
    You ever play the game Sonic Adventure :? Well, I'm listening to a remix of the song "Speed Highway" and it gave me the idea to add a location called "Sprinting Highway" into my Story :yes: It shall be located where the Rezzical Highway ends at the entrance to the Unknown Zone.....and as such will be the road that moves through said location :nod:
    I figured, that's why I said "serious help for reals" :yes: Only if the situations are dire.....otherwise go crazy. Hmmm, I just got an idea for a new location to add to my Tron Story ^^
    Vain only does it when he feels it be necessary :yes: So, I can assume you've beaten Skyward Sword by now, so not that is?
    I'm near Toronto.......but right now I’m in TRON City :nod: Have you taken a look at the images I put up in the Ghirahim group though :bleh:
    Yeah, I'm the one who added most of (if not all) the images to the fan club you joined ^^ This realm of Cyber Space isn’t a hard one to get accustom too, I’ve been here for a mere two or so months and already have made some 160 friends o_O But I am viral.....and couldn’t help myself, I had to go aorund and pick people out :sweat: I actually live in Ontario as well, but on here I live out the life of Vain.....leader of the Viral Akatsuki, I travel all over cyber space :yes:
    I am Vain, Digital God of Peace.....and Mecha Lord Gearahim is the viral cyborg infected form of Ghirahim that appears in my Tron Story :yes:
    Mecha Lord Gearahim: Ooooo, how fabulously delicious, a fan of mine ^^
    Vain: Yeah, that’s doesn’t sound at all disturbing >.>
    Mecha Lord Gearahim: Biatch please, I’m fabulous and you're just jealous :rolleyes:
    Vain: Err, right, whatever you say, weirdo :dry:
    Mecha Lord Gearahim: I will kill you in your sleep o.o
    Vain: Uhhhh, that’s nice :awkward: Lord Vain does not sleep though.....
    Mecha Lord Gearahim: That’s a lie and you know it.....now ask already.
    Vain: Fine, we would like to know if you want to befriend us.....but its fine if you don’t :yes:
    Mecha Lord Gearahim: If she doesn’t I blame you :dry:
    Vain: Whatever......
    Thanks for the friend request. You seem like an interesting new member! :P

    Have fun on Zelda Dungeon and remember to read the rules!
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