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  • Hey, Link7. Sorry for my late message, very late. I haven't been on here for quite a while. I will definitely miss you and good luck out there.
    Hmm. You know, it's been very long since I played AoL. So, I can't help you. Sorry. You can check the guide here. I'm sorry I couldn't help.:(
    There is a way to conquer the OOT temples in any order...respond if you would like to know how
    I'm doing my 1st Three-Heart Challange (July 26th, 2011) in OOT. Having a blast. by the way, has anyone done a "No-Shield Challenge" yet?
    I ordered Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles for wii on amazon.com. Should arrive Tuesday, July 19th i hope! So excited!
    Hi, i noticed you really like OOT, I do too.
    i've had only 75 hours of OOT. and a total of 14 or 15 deaths.
    im on my 7 run through OOT.

    How do you go through the forest temple without a shield?
    May 25th, 2011 marks my 25th run through OOT

    Total play time in my OOT career: 126,089 hours.

    Total deaths: 12
    I was playing Ocarina of TIme for the 24th time, and it never gets old. I'm not exagerratng, this is literally my 24th run. Every time i play, i discover something new. I'm currently playing the Forest Temple again. If you have any Q's feel free to post to my wall.

    Also i forgot to mention, it's pretty hard getting through the Forest Temple WITHOUT A SHIELD. i'm currently trying to beat it without one....not going well...
    Spirit Temple is my favorite Dungeon BGM in OoT but not 1 of my Fav overall BGMs

    So anything to talk about.
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