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    Thanks for having a read of the content im posting, would love to hears your thoughts if you are interested in the Lore Rabbit hole :)
    Please cast your vote in comment #8s Link, in the following links comments!

    Thanks for your time!
    Desu the wise once told me of the legend, of "Colandorf"

    "Tears of the Kitchen"

    "Yes. As I see it, Colandorf, and all that he is, was sealed tightly in Rauru's magic tupperware, which was sealed within many layers of (probably weaker) Sheikah tupperware, and could have stayed that way indefinitely, until Vatti burped it. That burp was all Mummydorf needed to send out a portion of himself, leading to the many "births" and even more resurrections of Colandorf, many of whom kept attacking the tupperware, ultimately weakening the seal until he could manifest directly, as the Calamities. Then, with the last Calamity, the final tupperware was broken."
    (Example of "Conjecture")

    The other name for the "Civil War" Before OOT is the "Unification War".

    It makes more logical sense for "The Civil War" existing in the "Era of Chaos".

    "I Believe" the Unification war, (10 years prior to Oot) was led by Ganon (Age: 30s/40s) as a "Ploy",
    To falsely Bargain "peace" with the King to get close to the "Sacred Realm",

    We still need the "Twilli" and "Gerudo" to be sealed and banished long before this point**.**
    also the existence of "The Fused Shadow"

    The "Civil War" would suggest Races splitting apart and turning on each other.
    wouldn't this suggest "The Era of Chaos"?

    We see Amendments to Lore all the time but "Legend of Zelda Totk" is finally giving us a Starting Datum point !! yay!
    Can you see the Logic We are using? Also have you "Contemplated" the Datums We have worked out with "Math" and where We're Suggesting they fit?

    7 fixed timeline holes at the expense of "where the civil war is placed" in the timeline is a pretty good trade if u ask me.

    (The following is the link to 7 Plot holes and Movie "Leak" Theory.)

    Thank you for your time,
    2749 total hits in 5 days, and still not a single person has proven Dr Mizumi wrong..
    He might be onto Something....
    The Lakehouse might just get that new Roof!
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