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  • Dang, its 11:45 PM where im at. i should be in bed, but im a rebel! :) lol. do you have a skype? if so whats your name?
    youve never been in snow? Even i have been in snow atleast 3 times. but it melts really fast:(
    your at school?
    You better pack tanktops and shorts. it was 100 yesterday and thats just the start of summer
    Well over here in the U.S., we have one week off for Thanksgiving at the end of November, two weeks off for Holiday break in late December/early January, and two and half months off for summer from early June-late August.

    Also, thanks for the friend request.
    Thanks, man. Some older members believe the contests are giving the forums a bad rep so your staying means a lot.

    Despite most fan complaints, I love Twilight Princess. The dungeons are huge and well designed and Midna truly is the best helper character in franchise history. Also, despite certain fan complaints the story is rich too. Soundtrack is pretty good too. Only downer is that Wolf Link fails to bloom into something more.

    Also, when does your school year end?
    Seems you're making quite a splash here with my good friend ZeldaFan11 starting a conversation with you as well. Are you a big fan of Twilight Princess?
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