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  • That's good.

    That's good as mentioned before does she know you have interest in her? If she does flirt on occasion.
    The next big does she know have an interest in her if not then go meet her if she does then flirt on occasion especially if you have any classes together.

    If you and her don't have any classes together the relationship may be difficult as it was for me in girls I liked that I didn't share any classes with.

    Is there a girl you like as dating is important thing to do at your age, It helps you see what sort of things you want in your future wife.
    My friend is also fictional writer. You have a fav genre of book(s)?

    I love Sci-fi, historic fiction, and mystery.
    Nice sounds interesting 1 of my friends wants to be an author and comic strip writer but he's talkented in many other fields.

    The only literary writing I'm good at is poetry ans as far art apart photography is ceramics.
    I'm 18 and also live in the U.S.

    If you want further about me info click on my User Name and look at About Me on my Profile.
    If you don't mind me asking but what is your age?

    This other ? is out of curiosity what country do you live in?
    It's a very fun game on the Wii if you own a Wii and I also suggest you look it up because I'm terible at describing it's story.
    I just posted something on your thread. and also do you want to be friends?
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