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    Yes! I hate the 50 characters limit!
    it's so annoying!!
    do you know why it is so we have 50 characters in every message!?
    hey Jesper!:rolleyes:
    Would you like to be friend with me?:clap:
    Nope! I'm better now! Yipee! I bet it went great! La la la, listening to music, ever heard of the Kaiser Chiefs?
    Bye! Are you doing it about England? 'Cause you should...maybe. Bye! Good luck!
    Um, well here after high school comes university/college. Wanna go on the shoutbox?
    Where are you from? Just wondering. Yeah, well if I buy a gamecube controller then I can get those games on the wii, or I could borrow my cousin's gamecube with wind waker, but he probably wouldn't lend me it.
    That would be great but I highly doubt that my dad would let me give out my address to someone I don't actually know...
    Sorry, only just realised your VM got lost behind all the others. Yes, I do have Super Smash Bros Brawl actually. And yeah, my first run on MC and TP. I only discovered Zelda from PH and ST so I am working on playing them all mwa ha ha!
    PS My parent's friend (who lent me MC) is leding me an N64!
    Heh, don't think too much on it, I was the first one to drop out :lol: Good luck with that test. XD There will always be other opportunities.
    There are some funny flashes I know of that encompass a bunch of nintendo characters, not just LoZ alone... The Brawl Taunt episodes, Ganon Knows Best is a pretty silly one, the Nin10doh! and $00pah Nin10doh! flash collabs are sooo great, although it can be really vulgar at times, especially the latter, which is why I stick to its scene selection... :silent: Heart for a Hero is one of my favorites, even though its just a one shot, I wish that guy would do more!

    That's all I got for now! :D There are a surprising amount of really good live action parodies out there too. I can't wait till Legend of Neil comes back
    Nah, I've been focusing on MC instead. But I wonder wether I would like OoT, my friend might lend me an old N64.
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