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Hylian Cat
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  • Indeed, he mysteriously vanished after Medli goes to the Earth Temple >::> I just mostly use the pit to level up now......I have such good stats and what not that I can get up to Floor 50 without taking much damage ^::^ Yep, some of the stuff on deviantART is pretty Rezzical.

    Here's the full image ^::^
    Yeah, that one Rito just disappears without any warning >::< And the whole less star points thing does suck, even the oh so mighty Bonetail....only gave me 2 -::- It’s because trying to collect 100 Star Points over and over again can be very tedious……I believe Mario’s level 94 at this point, or something like that >::> Yeah, the first thing on my Interests is "Traveling through game verses".....so right now I’m hanging around the Boggly Woods, in Mario’s Game Universe ^::^ Part of my page background is an image of the Boggly Woods someone made on deviantART….iz pretty nice.
    Oh yeah, I was sure to get a pictograph of that Rito this time around :rolleyes: I’m almost 100% done my one File on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, been playing it since 2004…..leveling Mario up is just noticeably hard after defeating the Final Boss :dry: Speaking of that game…..take a look at my Location and Occupation settings :silent:
    Yeah, I'm at the part where you collect the Tri-force shards…..been working away on the Nintendo Gallery so….yeah, my play trough’s this time around will take some time ^^ Which one….Paper Mario N64, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door or Super Paper Mario :?
    I’ve been playing Super Mario Sunshine since it released way back on 2002….practically 10 Years ago now…..even for the hell of it made a Chapter Story based off of the game, not like Nintendo was gonna :rolleyes: My favorite Zelda though…..eh, tied between the Wind Waker and Skyward Sword….to me the Wind Waker has more replay value though :silent:
    No problem, friend. Now then, just let you know I am Vain the Digital God of Peace…..I like to spread Sunshine and happiness, and try to extinguish pain of any kind. Here…..

    Haz some Sunshine ^::^

    Also, if you want to reply to this VM accurately there should be a "View Conversation" option on my message somewhere…..yeah.
    Well now, no need to be lonely. If you want, we can be friends, I may have many but more are always welcome. But that's up to you......and if you don't want to, I understand.
    Hmph, no one said welcome to you yet o_O Well, I am a nice guy so......Welcome to Zelda Dungeon! Don’t forget to read the rules and always remember to have fun :yes:
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