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    Game Informer Impressions

    I agree with this quote. There was nothing new
  2. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Do YOU Hate Twilight Princess??

    Good: -Harder enemies were so fun, it felt AMAZING to stick your sword into 4 darknuts and not die. -Dungeons were great -I thought that a big world was cool (more on this later) -Sidequests were fun Bad: -alot of weak enemys that you felt nothing for when you kiled -easy bosses...
  3. Hippppo

    Twilight Princess Lowest Amount of Life You Lost in the Last Room of the Cave of Ordeals

    Without magic armor, one time i took 2 1/2 harts, normally i take 3 harts and if I mess up realy bad/get unlucky I take 4, but not to many more than that. Edit: Lowest spelling fail. Is there a way to edit the title?
  4. Hippppo

    Double Claw Shots

    1)Hell no 2)Prolly not 3)Fire mode 2 - Hook shot 4) Whip, I can see some creative upgrades out of it.
  5. Hippppo

    Bridge to Termina

    I realy want to see termina. I would prefer to see other dimentions though, preferably one with no moon face. 72 hours breaks MM for me.
  6. Hippppo

    Ocarina of Time Vs. Wind Waker Vs. Twilight Princess

    'nuff said 30 caracters- I want to go to taco mania and get my tacos
  7. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    Its my favorite game, but i know now how easy it is. I took 4 harts of damage in the entire Cave of ordeals.
  8. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    Yah alot of the enemys just require the know how and patience.
  9. Hippppo

    Guaranteed Only Sword and Shield Combo?

    I think you flick the nunck to use the shield, if that answers your question.
  10. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    Thank you for responding I guess your righ. Do you think they should have increased the damage of all enemies in TP? Becaue they do do very minimal damage. Its like half the damage of Oot.
  11. Hippppo

    Comparing TP to Past Titles.

    I dont understand why so many people hate on aspects of Twilight Princess. Alot of the time people hate TP for things that past 3D titles (you cant compare 2D games to 3D games) didn't even accomplish. People hate on Tp for vacantcy! Oot was realy empty, exept for like a Phat or 2 and...
  12. Hippppo

    Guaranteed Only Sword and Shield Combo?

    Since Skyward sword involves the forging of the master sword i doubt that we will be getting a 2 handed sword or 2 daggars or somthing cool like that, just sword and shield, which made TP (as much as I love it.) a little bit repetitive. reply below
  13. Hippppo

    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    Yah wall masters are actualy a hard enemy. Also i agree with your sig ^_^
  14. Hippppo

    Skyward Sword: The Use of the Lyre.

    If they dont have day/night change i will eat a kitten
  15. Hippppo

    What Enemies Do You Want to Return in Skyward Sword?

    LIke giant spinny, deathyyy kind or friendly cudly TP kind? For sure, althought i think darknuts are just awsome and are pretty hard, i can take 8 harts of damage from four at a time if im rushing, probly less if im patient...... but i do have alot of expirience with zelda though...
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