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  • Hahaha it's okay. I got the Skype account done. So all I see are options for video chat and calls. What is it like a chat room or something?
    Uh, YEAH! May I remind you last time you didn't respond? XD Lol jk jk it's okay I've been busy anyways. But yeah I will get to that. I thought I had one but it's pretty old now and I forgot the password so I'll make another one. I'll tell ya when it's done so you can walk me through it.
    It is! Except when I tried to upload it, it just stopped at "Starting Processing." You're a youtube pro: I have it saved as a .mov file and It's 1.19 GB. Is that too big? Or should I compress it?
    Guess what? I just made my first Minecraft LP! I didn't have much to talk about, but still. I'll have more in subsequent episodes. Check it out! My channel is OcarinaLord.
    You know you love me, I know you care...

    I post on every game ever. XD I think that's why. I honestly haven't even been keeping track of gold.
    No I haven't checked it yet. I'll see what it is when I can. But uh, what do I do to find you guys? It would be cool if you can make a new group, but if it cause problems and stuff, I'll join the current one. I dunno just tell me what to do.

    WHAT?! Someone hate SS? Crazy... it was amazing. Wasn't it like highly received everywhere? Well, whoever said it wasn't good should be sent to the Dark World and be eaten by moblins.

    Yeah, I really hope Nintendo makes those AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL demo graphics! Honestly, if Nintendo doesn't, they kinda just lost like a big shot. I mean, I love Nintendo and I never doubt them, but, they do tend to lost big shots they can get. Like the Yoshi WiiU game. I can think f like a way better idea and stuff for it. I just wonder why they decided to go with the yarn graphics when they know fans won;t enjoy it as much. But I'm sure it'll be fun anyways. So, here's hoping Nintendo goes with epic graphics. It's kinda strange. That's always the topic of a new Zelda game: "How's it gonna look graphically?" So... please Nayru, Din, Farore... PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEE.

    Yeah, I want an AlttP remake, the kinda I mentioned, I feel more people are requesting a MM remake. Either way, I'm happy, but AlttP would make my cry. But seriously, I'm a little tired of remakes lately...

    So let's talk SSB for Wii U and 3DS. What characters do you really want to be in there? I really want Chrom from the new FE: Awakening. He would be tight. Megaman's a popular request. I wonder what version of Link they're gonna use? They're showing the new SSB before showing the new Zelda, so I dunno if they're gonna use the new version. I hope they use OoT again or something. I would say SS. but I dunno how he'll fit. I also really want an updated stage builder. That would be amazing! I also have always wanted a character creator thing, but if I were to guess, they'll probably have the option to play as your Mii. Also, what do you think the compatibility is gonna be about? I'm sure it's gonna be that both versions are unique and you transfer things to the other consoles. That or you can play with the 3DS and WiiU.
    Oh you wanted to play online? I'm at school right now so I can't and homework is like loading me :( We can totally try on the weekend though. And yeah my avatar looked too plain. I know it's been a while but can siggy master Windlilly whip me up a new avatar soon? I would appreciate it.
    Oh yeah Game Freak's fine :) Doesn't matter you can alternate. So should you go by Sierra, Heroine, or Windlilly? By the way, what are the origins of "Windlilly" just curious? Is it from an anime or something?

    Hahaha I'm just kidding it's okay it's been a while. Yeah, I own all Zelda games except for the Oracle games (and CDi Zelda but those don't count) which is why I'm happy they're coming to the eShop soon. My favorite would hafta be uh... really hard to choose but I'd love to see how the heck they're gonna top off SS cause it's phenomenal. I just hope we get info on it soon.

    So what are your thoughts on the new graphics on both (3DS Zelda and WiiU Zelda)? I hope the 3DS Zelda doesn't have an overhead view. I have a feeling they're gonna do it but I just wanna see a handheld Zelda (aside from OoT3D) in third person. As for the WiiU, HD realistic graphics are what a lot of people are aiming for, and honestly, it would truly be like SO AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL if they are. I mean, I know Nintendo like SS graphics, but don't stick with it forever! I mean, this is Nintendo's big chance, and I mean either way, it will be epic, but if they go with graphics from the tech demo, fans will rejoice like crazy.

    Now about remakes. It sorta does make sense to remake OoT's sequel as well, so I defiantly have a feeling it's coming. Although I do think it would be like awesome if they remade a game like ALttP in third person, because that way, it's not only a remake, but almost a whole new experience ya know? So, that's my dream game. I've actually always wanted it to happen. What about you?

    EDIT: Oh yeah, and your thoughts on POKEMON X AND Y?!?!

    Oooh I wanna join! But I'll feel bad if there's one time where we are all available. I don't wanna mess things up. Wait, but how do you make a group on this wiki? Do I just edit anything I want?
    Oh by Zelda Wiki I mean Dungeon XD Sooo how do I get in the group thing you talked about? I'm ready to meet some of it's crazy members haha. I'm saying crazy is good :)

    OMG did you like get amnesia and totally forget about me? I know I was gone for a long time but we talked about SS all the time! I even told you how I was like paralyzed for like 10 days when Zelda said she was Hylia. And come on Windlilly, "What's youre favorite Zelda game?" ? Really? -_- So I guess we're starting from scratch again. Might as well introduce myself again haha. Oh, and don't call me Emo anymore it sounds like you're calling me names XD XD XD hahahaha. I'll go by Wolferz now :) CAUSE WOLVES ROCK!

    Woah (don't know how to spell woah) I didn't know Skype had like a forum thing haha. Yeah, I'll give it a look.

    I really hope they announce a new 3DS Zelda soon... I wonder why whatever happens in Nintendo STAYS in Nintendo. Not just Nintendo, game companies. Like, how does info or pics or ANYTHING not slip? I mean, there's an occasional leak but those are 85% fake. ESPECIALLY for Zelda. I MEAN REALLY? ZELDA: TINY SHEILD?!?! If they're gonna try to make a fake at least make it look and sounds convincing.

    Oh and sorry for the late reply ZD was acting nuts.
    Wait what wiki? Zelda wiki? Whatcha mean by that? I'd be more than glad to join just tell me how. :) I'll feel like a newbie though haha.

    Yeah when WWHD gets out I'll try to get a WiiU so I can get a game from the get go. It's strange, all my recent new consoles I've started with remakes of Zelda games... all being 2 XP still cool though. But yeah I love that they're doing that. I think the new graphics are nice. Everything looks so brighter and it's cool. My only gist is the character models. They look alright by they look kinda plasticy haha.

    Ooh Zelda's 27th? I forgot! Hey, I think I left and disappeared on July according to my messages. Hey I was gone for 7 months! Maybe I came across a purple sword because a fairy told me to listen and like was gone for 7 months and woke up an adult in a world where some huge pig took over the place LOLOL. Sorry couldn't resist XD But yeah! Oh, any new 3DS games lately? I just fell in love with Fire Emblem Awakening.

    Oh and I haven't done Skype like ever actually. Probably cause I don't have a webcam and stuff haha.
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