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  • :lol:, me either. I did have another dream where I was playing my wii, and I found myself driving a car against Mario.
    You have, well, I don't know how some of my weeks end up being random. And the dream one, I believe I watched Zombie Land too much.
    Lol, yes, the snowbirds. I remember that. Seems like so long ago. :P Yeah, the Yankees are pretty popular, not just up North.
    Lol! Yeah, it does. New York Yankees! Only the most successful sports franchise in the history of foreva! :D (It's a baseball team, btw.)
    Hi there Ghosi. I believe Byrne said you watch MLP:FiM, so I figured I'd ask you you want to join the group.
    That stinks. I'm not excited for that stress next year. :(

    Not much, about to start writing an article.
    Hey Ghosi. I hope you know I was joking when I told you to change your profile to match mine. :sweat: I really wasn't trying to get you in trouble or anything. Don't worry; Kyby made me change mine back. :P
    ow. I got a few games used from gamestop before, and my copy of Radiant Dawn wouldnt load any of my games after I got to part three... I managed to fizx it, but still. (What made it worse was that I found out that was when Id get control of the .ercenaries, which is the part Id beem looking forward to most of all...)
    Please don't change your profile background to colors that would make it impossible for people to see text. It's actually against the forum rules and the other users have been warned.
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