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  • I haven't played the CD-i games either. The only reason I'd want to is so I can brag and say "HAH! I really DID play EVERY Zelda game in existence!" They're way too expensive though. I was looking at them on some website (eBay or something... don't remember) and the person selling them said "A great game in any Legend of Zelda fan's collection." I just burst out laughing.

    Yeah, Spirit Tracks was pretty good! I remember being super excited about Zelda being your partner (though at the same time I was freaking out over the fact that she'd died too).
    :xd: Hahah! Yeah, weird huh! And difficult I think. Really difficult. But do your best mate! Good luck! :D
    School will start for me in 2 weeks and 1 day. I am SO not prepared! I'm not sure if this is statewide or even worldwide, but now we're getting out at 4:00 instead of 3:30 like usual. I don't see what the extra 30 minutes are for, but they better go to lunch or something!
    Hehe, yeah, that would be interesting. The problem is... every time I think about that, I'm reminded of the CD-i games... *shudder*

    I was actually REALLY surprised that no one had taken this username. Normally I'm called TwilightWakerofTime, but that didn't fit in the registration box, so I tried this instead, lol.
    Ice cream wouldn't hurt, but with the way I live my summer (staring at the computer screen lol), I think I would get a headache followed closely by a brain freeze!
    My weekend was really nice, I went to my friend's house yesterday and we ate some really great food and had a tres leche cake (3 milk Cake, I think it's buttermilk and two other kinds though I'm not sure). I nearly died eating all of the food because I just wanted more and more xD
    Today, I talked with one of my friends and cheered her up at least momentarily so I'm happy about that too.
    And, I've been on ZD for a long time and talked with a lot of the cooler members, like you and many others!

    For dinner I'm hoping I can get a pizza, I love pizza lol.
    :D Yeah, I know some people have problems with the sailing in WW, they think it's too little to do while sailing. But that's no problem for me at all! I enjoy the sailing very much actually. I find it relaxing. :) Oh, and the sailing music in WW is tremendous!
    Regarding the next "Silent Day", I don't really know yet. But I promise I will tell you when I'm having it! :lol:
    Quite a long time indeed! I'm just playing Fire Emblem 12, that's all. How are you doing? :D
    Your welcome! I did the same kind of thread for E3, and it helped make time go by faster. Plus, it's one place to talk about everything Skyward Swor duntil the release!
    Well, for the time being, yes, I do think WW is better that TP. But it varies a lot for me actually. What do you think? And why did you ask? :?
    Oh nooooo!!! I accidentally spoke! D: And the time is only 17:21 in the afternoon now! ...Ah well, I guess I'll just take on the challenge some other time again then. So I might be able to do it a second time in the future. :)
    Yeah, its really hot here too. And when I sent the last VM it was midnight, so that was when I began. Right now it's 12:13 on the day. I hope I can manage to be quite a whole day! :D
    Yes, the weekend is nice. Today I'm actually putting myself to a test. I shall not speak at all during this day! :) I find it fun to make these sorts of challenges ones in a while. Sometimes I just sit up an entire night, then I'm awake the day afterwards too, I simply skipped a nights sleep. So now I'm gonna try not to speak for a day!
    I was just a tourist. I went there over the day with some three good friends, we live in southern Sweden you see, so it's very close! :D And yeah, it was fun! We went to "Tivoli", that's the name of a great amusement park in Copenhagen.
    So, how are you doing today, my friend? :?
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