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  • You're welcome, you truly are talented, hehehe. I dunno how long until my pics will be done, but I'll try to take photos of 'em soon. Have a good night yourself, Ash, take care.
    Well, click "send PM" on my profile, and then use the image code
    Oh, no hurry or anything, I still have yet to finish them up anyways...though since Fierce Deity Link has a lot of white I do not even know what all is gonna be coloured for him, so far just shaded in his face marks with pen.
    Dunno when next you may be on after tonight, but I'll maybe take some photos and show you them next time, yeah. I just drew Fierce Deity Link and the Phantazzm Guardian, which is a Boss from my Tron Story.
    Rezzical, I'd be happy to see 'em. I'd show you some of my more recent pictures, but haven't taken photos of them or anything, heheh. You ask her then, I imagine doing it would be a lot easier for her now that we at least had a VC on Skype together, we'd likely all have a decent time :)
    Right, suppose you make a good point, if ever the option arises we can try it. Also, if you wanna shoot me a PM with some of your newer drawings feel free to ^^
    Well, if ever she wants to try it we can, form what I've been told just one-on-one chats without something else going on are very awkward for her though...so if she never feels like doing such a thing I can understand that, I won't try to push it on her or anything :)
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