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Din Akera
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  • Yes, it is difficult, but, i think i can do it. Im in year 2 now, 1 year to go before i can get a job. How about you?
    My course is Medical Laboratory Technologist. I'll get this job after finishing my study. How about you?
    Hey, thank you for your second friend request. Nice to see you here again. Now we should start from begining again. So, what are you doing now?
    No. I haven't played OoT but I really want to because it's the highest rated video game of ALL TIME. NO JOKE. It has a Record of 98 but probably didn't 100 because of the Water Temple. O.K but I played WW once and I saw an online walkthrough of the WW backstory.
    I know about the other Zelda Games but I don't know about the other Zelda Games because I didn't play it or I didn't see the plot or anything. Like in WW, I saw an online walkthrough about OoT.
    I know a liitle about OoT WW and TP. Next would be mc. At the top is ST, PH, and ALTTP.
    No you only need an invite if it's an invite only group. If you want to know glitches in the Zelda Games and want to share your own knowledge of them, just contact me.
    Well hey what's up. Hardly anyone came into 'Zelda Hints!!!!' but I was the second that joined. If you like to learn about and tell glitches in Zelda Games, contact me and I'll send you an invite.
    You're welcome! And my favourite games are;

    Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks.
    So my account was deleted after the server crash. This is still me, just a new account, same username. If you would like feel free to add me as a friend, or re-add if you had before the crash. Thanks. :)
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