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  • Hey, CB, I hope you don't mind 'cause I voted for OW's rules....I'm used to them:(
    You also did the "can warp anywhere using Deku nuts"(Sheikah) and "can warp anywhere using warp portals"(Twili)
    Yes, things do change, and I may be a whiny little child but if you have the nerve to make that low of a blow, your the whiny little child in this situation.
    How about you do too. And, no, its not a matter of adding and keeping completely the same, its a matter of keeping the same or completely wiping out all the ideas except the obvious ones and the ones that I created that were creative.
    Read the post below this also.
    I had a rupee system but SW took it away because there were way too many buisinesses.
    I'm not taking offense from this, I'm just saying: If everyone had an ability to do double damage the items list would be worthless. If everyone had a blocking attack everyone would be invincible. And if your thinking to replace my rules you should not use anything from MY items list, unique or not. It took a lot of time and effort to make my lists and it kind of seems like you conjured yours up in 5 seconds.
    No because I basically have all you have and more. You used the exact wording for one of your things that are one of my things.

    "able to pick anything up without needing gauntlets" Please.....
    Make your own list
    You know I've posted on the subject TWICE now and your completely ignoring me. No, I'm not ticked off, I just think its a REALLY BAD idea to start over the game.
    under every post there are 2 buttons, one of them is shaped like a star, click it and just select the give reputation option
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