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    Link's Awakening Music in Link's Awakening

    I heart the Ballad of the Windfish!
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    Do You Like the Idea of Naming You Bird.

    If there is a default, I'd go with that on the first playthrough.
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    Could the Key to Determining Timelines Lie with the Zora?

    I agree with Locke in thinking that basing timelines strongly on evidence provided by the appearance of the races of Hyrule is not the best strategy. It is not that it is an inherently bad strategy or that the appearance of races provides no evidence. The reason I believe the strategy fails is...
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    What is It About Zelda? Something Strange Has Happened to Me.

    It's all good. Zelda is definitely not just for kids. I am celebrating my 25th birthday today (not 41, but adult I think), and my birthday present from my wonderful wife is a pre-order of the Skyward Sword Bundle. Unlike you, I've been playing Zelda since the NES, so it's not a new phenomenon to...
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    Which Pre-SS Zelda Has the Best Combat?

    I definitely agree that WW combat was fun and a lot of that had to do with stealing enemy weapons. I also agree with everyone who loves the AoL combat. I do think that it has some great sword play if you are patient with the learning curve. The only reason I think it falls behind some of the...
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    Which Pre-SS Zelda Has the Best Combat?

    It's looking like Skyward Sword is going to take the best Zelda combat award by a long shot, but if we consider only games before skyward sword, which game has the best combat. In my opinion, the combat in most of the 3D titles is too easy, especially WW and TP, and the combat in AoL bordered...
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    Twilight Princess Why Was Almost Everybody Dissapointed in Twilight Princess?

    The expectations were just so high! It was a great game, but it aspired to be better than it turned out. For me, if the overworld had more stuff to do and more ways to use your items, the game would be bumped up several notches on my list. I would also love it if the combat were a little more...
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    Adventure of Link Zelda?

    The AoL backstory has been a problem long before Skyward Sword was announced. Any game which occurs before AoL and has Zelda contradicts the AoL backstory. Any game which occurs before AoL and has both Zelda and the triforce of courage contradicts the AoL backstory even more. Games that have...
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    Your Favorite Form in Majoras Mask

    Zora Link! Two reasons: 1) the swimming mechanic is great 2) Love playing the guitar (I am a guitarist)
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    Great Sea Geography

    I have only played phantom hourglass once, so I am not super familiar with the map. I was wondering if anyone has any theories about how the Windwaker map relates to the phantom hourglass map. Are they nearby? Do they overlap at all? Do any canonical locations appear in the PH map as they do in...
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    WW-Wii U TWW on Wii U Virtual Console

    Since the Wii U will not be backwards compatible with Gamecube discs like the wii is, it would be great to see the WW on virtual console; however, virtual console games are just ports of the originals. All virtual console games appear exactly as they were originally produced. For example, the VC...
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    The ONE timeline can be a split timeline. What this interview does suggest is that the games are not split into multiple timelines which do not connect as many people argue that the four swords series is in its own separate timeline unconnected to the rest of the games.
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    WW-Wii U Why Did This Happen?

    I think that it may be wrong to construe the Zora evolution into the Rito as Biological evolution as we know it. The timescale simply doesn't allow for that. However "evolution" can sometimes be used more loosely to simply describe a change. Given the timescales and enormity of the change, it is...
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    Ocarina of Time ¿!Which is Your Favorite Moment in The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time!?

    Best serious moment = Entering Kakariko after beating the water temple when the cutscene is initiated Best funny moment = Ghosts of Koume and Kotake arguing
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    Parodies of Zelda, Funny or Not?

    Any good parody has to have comedy based on references to the original source material. Therefore to truly appreciate most good parody, you have to be familiar with the thing being parodied. A lot of good Zelda parodies are steeped in references that only a Zelda fan would notice. My personal...
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