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  • finally someone thats online whats up? (even though i dont know you ive been wanting to chat with someone and read your blog about college and even though im only 13, HI! :) )
    Glad that I could help. Zelda music is one of my passions about the games. Especially Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. I have all of their soundtracks and listen to them rather often.
    I personally feel that the minorness of the lullaby is very appropriate. Lullaby's aren't necessarily defined by a happy tune to make children fall asleep. The Goron Lullaby fits the theme of the atmosphere and circumstances behind making the child fall asleep. The child misses his father, and the song reminds him of his father, because that's the song that was always played to him to get him to fall asleep. Even Darmani fell asleep to that song when he was a child, so it holds tradition and meaning to the Gorons. Simply being in minor would change its significance to their race and to the people that it affects. In a wonderfully musical world, lullabies would be different depending on the atmosphere, because that's what would make the children fall asleep.
    Actually, yes. The warp theme was actually originally in the original Legend of Zelda. It played when you played the Recorder. They played homage to that, and decided to put it in music all over the Zelda Series.
    Hey! Nice Avy. Wow, we have never talked on the website before. XD That's funny.
    I sure did. it was great. :)
    Since you're into music and just popped up on my contact list.

    I got an Ocarina 2 days ago so far I've learned the Requiem of Spirit and am working on the Song of Time.
    Hey friends, join my group. Giga Puddi, yes it is that lovable pudding that can only really say Puddi.
    Ahoy there ZeldaMusicLover! Thanks much for joining my Koji Kondo group! It has gotten quite big now actually! Anyway, of course you would join (according to your username)! Thanks again! :D
    you should join a group i found called "kojo Kondo" you should join it because he works for zelda music
    hello, i also love zelda music!! my personal fav. is the song of Storms! I BOUGHT AN OCARINA FOR MY FRIENDS BDAY TOO, IT WAS COOL!
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