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  • Have a scary Happy Birthday!:devil:HA,HA,HA!
    Always good to have a little free time, yes, too much can be bad for you though apparently. Anyways, guess I'll e-mail it to you now, be sure to take your time with it though...as it is my longest Chapter yet.
    Yeah, better to be busy than to be free all the time, because then you just lay around and get not much done...tis why I need a job actually. Oh, thanks but no thanks, I'll likely just e-mail the Chapter to you if you want--this time it's gonna be sent as an attachment file though, as fitting it all accurately in an e-mail wasn't happening.
    Oh, no problem, yay mustaches. Yeah, never fun to be crazy busy, but that's life...gotta put up with it. Me though, I've been alright, looking for a job still--oh, and if you haven't read my other VM, I finished the Naruto Chapter.
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