Gerudo Desert

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Gerudo Desert




The Gerudo Desert appears in Twilight Princess. It makes up the entirety of the Desert Province. It is the resting place of Arbiter's Grounds and the Cave of Ordeals, as well as home to many Bulblins and Bullbos.



Gerudo Desert is first seen from a distance by Link and Auru from a tower in Lake Hylia. Auru explains that he believes that the Arbiter's Grounds located there, a former prison for Hyrule's worst criminals, might be related to the evil in the land. Auru then gives Link Auru's Memo to give to Fyer, the owner of a large cannon. Link can then travel to Gerudo Desert through Fyer's cannon, taking advantage of the Oasis Flight special deal.


There are few signs of life in the desert. Some examples are Moldorms, Leevers, Bullbos, and Bulblins. There is a Bulblin encampment here, surrounded by barriers that can only be broken while Link is riding a Bullbo, a powerful boar-like creature. After Link fights his way through the encampment toward Arbiter's Grounds, he must battle King Bulblin.


Arbiter's Grounds, one of the main dungeons in Twilight Princess, is located in the northern end of the desert. Gerudo Mesa is another point of interest that can be reached using Link's Clawshot. The missing piece of the Bridge of Eldin is found here and can be moved back to its proper location with the help of Midna's powers. After, Link can find the Cave of Ordeals under it.

Two Golden Bugs can also be found here – specifically, the male and female dayflies.