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    Attila the Pun
  • Blog: Attila the Pun's blog. By Attila the Pun (Today at 10:10 AM).
    Welcome back and thanks for reading! before we jump in on today's hero, I wanted to announce that if you guys would like to hear about any hero I have not mentioned after my top ten are done, I will write about anyone you want so feel free to ask about any heroes! Ok today we have... [IMG]... (Keep reading...)
  • PrincessNiki
  • Blog: PrincessNiki's blog. By PrincessNiki (Yesterday at 11:41 PM).
    10) Florges - The final evolution of the first fairy type you are introduced in the game, I used one in my first play though of X and she was a power house. 9) Xeneas - The main legendary of X and the one that sold me on X being my main game. I think it is a beautiful Pokemon and a perfect... (Keep reading...)
  • PrincessNiki
  • Blog: PrincessNiki's blog. By PrincessNiki (Tuesday at 8:52 PM).
    I have decided to post my 10 ten of each region starting from the newest one as not to spoil my 2nd to last answer on Spirits blog cuz everyone knows what my number one is. I used this website to help determine this list. https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html 10) Mudsdale - Strong power... (Keep reading...)
  • Tristan
  • Blog: Zelda Dungeon Sloth Breeding Centreā„¢. By Tristan (Tuesday at 6:17 PM).
    I posted this in my music thread already, but I shall post it here for anybody who hasn't seen it! I'm trying to promote my YouTube channel more now that I'm planning on increasing my activity there, so I thought I would use this site as a means of promotion. So here is a percussion rendition of... (Keep reading...)
  • Attila the Pun
  • Blog: Attila the Pun's blog. By Attila the Pun (Monday at 2:53 PM).
    Welcome back folks! Thanks for reading! Today we are on number 7, and this one takes a lot of skill to master but is high reward! [IMG] It's Widowmaker! Lets dive into her backstory. (sorry I couldn't find a ton of examples of her abilities) Backstory: Amelie Lacroix was once married to a man... (Keep reading...)
  • Attila the Pun
  • Blog: Attila the Pun's blog. By Attila the Pun (Sunday at 4:17 PM).
    For today's hero we have a really fun one... [IMG] McCree! Backstory: Jesse McCree was once an outlaw and fugitive of the law. When he was eventually caught by Overwatch, he was given a choice: Join the cause, or go to jail. McCree chose the former. He joined the Blackwatch strike force and... (Keep reading...)
  • A Link In Time
  • Blog: Sentimental World. By A Link In Time (Sunday at 12:01 AM).
    Today is the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I. This is probably the biggest anniversary any of us have ever had the honor of living during. This Veteran's Day, it's about looking back at the second deadliest conflict in human history, and remembering those who gave their lives for... (Keep reading...)
  • Attila the Pun
  • Blog: Attila the Pun's blog. By Attila the Pun (Saturday at 7:33 AM).
    Welcome back Ladies and Germs. Today we get into a classic hero from Overwatch, a staple even! Number 9 is... [IMG] It's Reaper! Backstory: [IMG] Gabriel Reyes was once the commander of the Overwatch strike team: Blackwatch and was also part of Overwatch's super soldier program along with... (Keep reading...)
  • A Link In Time
  • Blog: Sentimental World. By A Link In Time (Friday at 6:52 PM).
    [IMG] With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just around the corner, I thought I'd do a quick look back at the various Super Smash Bros. games and what they meant to me. SSB has been one of my favorite game series for over a decade, so I thought now is the ideal time to look back. My history with... (Keep reading...)
  • Attila the Pun
  • Blog: Attila the Pun's blog. By Attila the Pun (Friday at 8:57 AM).
    Overwatch has a growing list of heroes, Ashe being the latest of whom I am really excited for. It is also one of my favorite games so I wanted to make a list of my top 10 favorite heroes and give them a little background and kinda explain how they work and how I play them. So idk, this is mostly... (Keep reading...)
  • PrincessNiki
  • Blog: PrincessNiki's blog. By PrincessNiki (Nov 6, 2018 at 8:19 PM).
    I have a blog now, I just need to decide what to write. So I guess I will talk about the 3 games I am excited for that are coming out this month and next. Diablo 3, I probably won't pick it up till next year but I am excited to eventually own it. I have played it at my friends house on their... (Keep reading...)
  • .kurama
  • Blog: NinJa's Blogedu. By .kurama (Nov 2, 2018 at 9:38 PM).
    Dear Murphy, On March 13th, 2017, I brought you home into my family. You and Wiz didn't get along too well at first, however within a week you two were like brothers. You were just a puppy, and he was your mentor, your brother, your best friend. You started growing up, and filled out. You are... (Keep reading...)
  • the8thark
  • Blog: the8thark's blog. By the8thark (Oct 30, 2018 at 5:09 AM).
    [img] Dragon Quest XI What to say about this game? Hmmm ok. It's an RPG. A Japanese RPG. That's it in a nutshell. I think this needs to be stated first as I don't think this game will get anyone RPG haters into the genre. However those on the fence might just like this game. RPG fans... (Keep reading...)
  • Jimmu
  • Blog: Jimmu's Blogu. By Jimmu (Oct 25, 2018 at 2:52 AM).
    I've been living in Japan since April of this year and had travelled here on four occasions prior to that. During that time I've become quite comfortable due to some different things that were not available back in Sydney, Australia. 1. Japan Still has an Arcade Culture Video Game Arcades (or... (Keep reading...)
  • VikzeLink
  • Blog: I'M WEIRD!. By VikzeLink (Oct 21, 2018 at 7:50 AM).
    I'd like to recommend a game to those who reads this! Well, technically it's 3 games, but they're all of the same concept. Also free browser games, so other than not having the time, there's no excuse not to play it. It's the Icebreaker-series from Nitrome. You try to save the vikings (I choose... (Keep reading...)