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Gaming Retrospective: New Super Mario Bros. U

Published by A Link In Time in the blog Sentimental World. Views: 41

New Super Mario Bros. U is my favorite game of the NSMB sub-series. In many ways, it feels like the true successor to Super Mario World.


The story is a bit different this time around with Mario and friends having to rescue Peach from within her own castle after Bowser takes over.

The world map is entirely connected this time around. That makes the Mushroom Kingdom feel more like a kingdom.

Yoshi returns just like in NSMB Wii. But baby Yoshi's also make a comeback. And they are so much better than regular Yoshi because they can actually be taken with you from level to level. My favorite is the pink baby Yoshi that allows you to float.

The flying squirrel suit is a fun gliding power-up. It's nothing ground breaking but makes for some elusive star coins.

Koopaling boss battles are the best in the franchise. Morton with him hammer, Iggy and the fire monsters, and Ludwig and his clones stand out. The final Bowser battle is also a fun romp against him and his son. That giant Bowser looks ferocious.

A host of challenges also await beyond playing the single player in single or multiplayer mode. In the main game, you can catch Nabbit in certain stages within a time limit. There are also timed challenges, boost rushes, and avoiding coins in special levels.

This game is a ton of fun, and I am glad it will return on Switch this Friday!
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