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Gaming Retrospective: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Published by A Link In Time in the blog Sentimental World. Views: 23

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the much maligned third installment of the NSMB series. It's often called the worst 2D Mario game. While not terrible, it is dully unoriginal.


The main gimmick here is collecting a million coins. Coins are bursting at the seams in this game. But they're not used creatively at all. Completing this goal only nets a gold Mario statue on the title screen.

The only new power-up is the Gold Fire Flower, which turns any blocks or enemies it hits in coins. That's kinda cool but nothing special.

The Koopalings return but many of the fights rip off NSMB Wii. For example, Iggy rides a kart driven by a chain comp in both games. At least they're cool together in the clown car at the end. Both Bowser and Dry Bowser return, but their battles are rather bland vertical scrollers.

The game takes a cue from its DS predecessor by having two unlockable worlds among the regular six, but they're a lot easier to access this time around.

NSMB 2 is notable as the first first party Nintendo game to include DLC. In coin rush, you must beat three stages in a single life. Most of these packs have levels that are much better than the base game. I still need to beat the notoriously hard Impossible Pack.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is an overall lackluster effort from the house of Mario but still a decent game overall.

Also, a random ending aside, but the one boo design in this game is creepy af.

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