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Do you like The Misadventures of Siegfried the Dark Elf on Tuesday Night It contains my favorite Doofas the dinosaur.
happy birthday rubik!! :pikalove::pikalove:
thank you for saying what you did btw, it helps a lot in the moment. Still deal with thoughts...but it's easier when I know you and other people are there for me, I really appreciate it
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Thank you!

It's a difficult thing to try to come to terms with the fact that what we were taught growing up and what we personally believe and experience don't always align and results in the fact that we aren't always going to agree with our parents about everything.

Religion should never be used as a tool of fear or hate, it should be a tool of love and support. You are not a horrible sinner and the rapture is pretty unlikely to happen anytime soon regardless of what your father says. We're all human and none of us really know what we're doing, and that's okay—just keep being a wonderful person. :)
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I hope you had an awesome birthday, thank you for being such a good friend. <3
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