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Majora's Mask Zora Solution


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
Good question! Maybe she wanted Mikau to prove himself by figuring it out/doing something about it. But that's kind of a female doggy(word filter...) move if you ask me. He's the father of your kids, Lulu...you should trust him and love him enough by now. If it were me, I'd write him a note: "Can't sing, something's wrong with my voice. Going to the doctor today about it. Already gave the kids clean water. Speaking of which, I've heard reports of zora eggs being taken by gerudos! Don't let that happen. Take them to work with you if you have to!"

Yes I had too much fun with that hypothetical note xD
Apr 12, 2013
It's just a possibility the developers overlooked. If you look hard enough, you can find a plot hole in anything.


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
Because she is a fish. Everybody knows that fish are excellent singers, but absolutely fail at writing notes. :rolleyes:
Zoras are probably more amphibians than fish...fish need to stay in the water all the time, zoras can come out for a bit, but still need to live near the water. Just like frogs.

I wonder if she was taking fertility drugs lol...6 eggs? If that's the typical clutch size, then where are Ruto's siblings in OoT? I guess being the class of animal they are they would have a lot of kids at a time, but in the real world, that only happens because the parents generally don't look after their young. And we know zoras do, so there's no need for them to have clutches any bigger than 3. Meh. Fantasy logic.
Feb 9, 2013
Well didn't the Zora's have journals in MM that you could read only as a Zora? so they must write. I always found it funny that she writes something along the lines of not being able to talk so she talked to Evan about it...makes sense lol. I don't remember the exact quote.

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