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Zelda Wii U: What Do You WANT and Not WANT in Zelda Wii U


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Nov 10, 2011
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Graphics wise, I have also had enough with realism. I think that the perfect graphics would be somewhere in between the Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. I love WW's graphics, but if it had that smooth beautiful artsy tone that SS has on top of the WW ish graphics, I think that's be perfect.

Also, I want some creative dungeons. I have dungeons throughout the series that I like and dislike, but I have yet to go through a dungeon that really wowed me. I've never gone through a dungeon and thought, "wow, that was a really fun dungeon". So for Zelda Wii U, I want better dungeon designs. I'm not saying that the past dungeons have been too easy or hard or really bad, but I just want some more creativity in the dungeon designs.

Also, i'd like to see the return of the Oracles, or something that more closely involves the 3 goddesses. And of course I want the master sword, and I want a good companion.


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Honestly, it doesn't matter whether the graphics are bright and vibrant or dark and gritty. It matters if the art style fits the tone of the game. Saying that realistic visuals don't "fit" in the Zelda series is really quite a load of mess if you ask me. TP's art style fit the tone that the game was after, and that's what matters. And it's all I care about. Just give me a good game. Complaining about graphics is just stupid and whiny. Not trying to insult you, Hanyou. Just pointing out that it's true that graphics don't matter -- no matter what they look like. (Unless they're rushed and poorly put together.)

That said, I actually would like to see -- and am basically predicting -- a TP/OoT graphical mixture for Zelda Wii U. It'd provide nice, refined textures while providing vibrant color and life to the world. It'd be a lot like Sonic Generations and the Bioshock in that sense, each of which look fantastic. It'd strike a really nice balance for an art style for Zelda, much like SS did.

I made the mistake of saying "graphics" instead of "visuals." I don't usually make that mistake, but there it is.

Visuals are extremely important, as gaming is a visual medium. It doesn't matter whether they're technically impressive--what matters is that they convey the necessary emotions, atmosphere, etc. In that sense, I agree with you.

Twilight Princess' visuals certainly fit the game--bland, generic, mock-"Western" visuals without much character or flair. They had their moments of beauty, sure. I particularly liked Faron Woods, compared to the rest of the game. But they were remarkably weak, which I suppose fits the weakest game in the series rather well.

I wouldn't like to see another game like Twilight Princess, so I wouldn't like to see more visuals like that game's. Zelda needs realism almost as little as Mario needs it--what it requires is character, which may be unique to each game, but in any case should never be washed-out and bland. If a game demands such visuals, then there's something inherently wrong with its atmosphere, story, etc.

Linearity is yet another concern that I don't really care about, but I wouldn't mind a little open exploration being brought back in. This is why I think Zelda Wii U should follow a style similar to that of Link's Awakening. The story and dungeons are linear to the core. You have to do everything in order. But the overworld is very open and begging to be explored. It doesn't (completely) limit access to areas you're not necessarily supposed to go to yet. Yes, you can't go to dungeons out of order, but you can find some of the side-content at your own pace. That's what Zelda should be like. Linear dungeons so that the story can develop, but an open world so that you can explore while going from place to place. In truth, I'd prefer the second half of the game to have some open dungeon choice, but have one that must be done last via some story element, followed by the buildup to the final dungeon, but what's most important is that Zelda maintains a balance between linear and open. Neither formula is better than the other, as they both lack traits that immensely benefit the series. Doing one or the other is pointless and only prevents Zelda from being everything that it should be. Basically, like you said, be similar to Okami.

Absolutely. Linearity itself isn't horrible. My second-favorite game in the series, The Wind Waker, is almost entirely linear, but parts of the story can be completed out of order, and the sheer amount of exploration in that game is overwhelming. A linear game is perfectly acceptable if the world feels explorable.

In fact, all the handheld games, barring the DS ones, which feel very much like modern console titles, are good examples of this. Link's Awakening may be the best, but the kinstone system made The Minish Cap one of the most invigorating experiences in the series. They're ingeniously-designed.

On the other hand, it's entirely unnecessary for the Zelda series to be as linear as it is. A little tweaking could have made Skyward Sword a much less linear experience. The same goes for Twilight Princess, especially its second half. The games feel longer now, but they also feel like they rely less on player input. We're treated to long stretches of somewhat entertaining gameplay, but it does border on tedium at times. This started with Majora's Mask--fewer dungeons necessitated more involved quests to the dungeons. It was fun for awhile, but it reduced options. The classic games had shorter, more immediate challenges--even Ocarina of Time follows this formula rather well, which makes for a good balance.

The gameplay needs to feel faster. It needs to feel like it has a flow to it. It needs to be interrupted with cutscenes less often. The story needs to be told organically. Our latest article, which I'm sure you've seen, touches on these concepts. The problem in the most recent Zelda games is fundamental, but on the plus side it's easily fixed.

Skyward Sword had moments of brilliance--moments that felt truly free. It was an illusion, though, and really you were just being led by the nose through a series of very specific tasks. Believe it or not, I enjoyed some moments of Twilight Princess, but all too often the game added barriers where none were needed. The franchise is in need of a "return to roots." It can still feature the brilliant, fun puzzles which characterize the newer games (I love Lakebed Temple in TP and Lanayru Mines in SS, for example, and would change nothing about them), but these should be packaged in a better adventure.

It's essential that Zelda WiiU fix the fundamental problems of pacing, questing, and, optionally, linearity. I'll buy the game regardless, but I doubt I'll want to play it more than once if they don't fix these problems. Everything else is secondary, though I maintain that presentation is important.
May 27, 2012
Please, no more prequels. I've had enough. First Ocarina of Time is the beginning of the timeline, then Minish Cap, now Skyward Sword. Make up your mind already!

I also want the game game to have nothing to do with Ocarina of Time. Ever since OoT came out all the Zelda games had something to do with OoT (I'm not sure about the Oracle games though because I haven't played them yet). Majora's Mask is a sequal, Wind Waker is a sequal, (I don't consider any of the Four Swords games to be "real" Zelda games, I consider them to be spin-offs) Minish Cap is a prequel, Twilight Princess is a sequal, (Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are based on Wind Waker which was a sequal) and Skyward Sword is a prequel. Just once I'd like to have one Zelda game that is its own game and has NOTHING to do with OoT!

Since it's going to be on an HD console I really think they should go with the tech demo graphics.

I really don't want this game to be a hand holder like Skyward Sword was. Don't give me another annoying helper like Fi, in fact, don't give me a helper at all. If you must give me a helper then give me a fairy that will NEVER speak unless spoken to, and when I do talk to the fairy I don't want it to give away the answer to a puzzle.

Epona and Link's own two feet are good enough for me. I don't want any more annoying boring travel like Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword.



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Feb 11, 2011
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Something not like Skyward Sword it feels so much like a chore to play it, I haven't even finished it. It is ridiculously boring. Make it like a mix of OoT and Twilight princess. Give me the depth of OoT and the feel and epicness of twilight Princess.


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May 20, 2012
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Want: Good Story, Gameplay, better motion-based swordfighting, Adult Link
DON'T want: Toon Link, Magic Meter/lensoftruth

As far as graphics go, WW looked like a badly drawn cartoon (with good gameplay, the Deku Leaf sucked though), I liked TP's style, especially Link, but the Wii's low specs made the game (adapted from gamecube format) look really bad. With better graphics it would be better. I prefer a realistic game to a cartoon. My only complaint about SS is that Link looked a little too like a girl.
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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
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May 20, 2012
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What do you mean it looked bad?

The land textures looked really blocky. Not textures per se, but the topography. Specifically, In the Gerudo Desert all of the rocks and platforms looked really cubical. it looked like a gamecube game. Other than that, it was great, but it would/would have benefit(ed) from HD.

Don't get me wrong, I love TP.


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Sep 16, 2011
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Great innovative gameplay, system being implemented well, a plethora of fantastic(fantastic really needs to be emphasized), original dungeons. Maybe around 12 total? And a captivating story and overworld. This game, I need more villages to interact with other than a hub city. I also need to see some more exploring reinstated. (Pretty much asking for everything :P)

Half finished game that was rushed to get onto the shelves. I dont need great graphics, but with the Wii-U, I don't see why the hell not.

Also, the normal formula needs to change a bit. Instead of; ||learn first quest-3 dungeons-plot twist-2nd quest-rest of dungeons-final plot twist-final dungeon||, how about it changed to something more varied. Just please no more 3 dungeons and then get Master Sword
Maybe instead; ||1 dungeon-learn plot/1st quest-4 dungeons-plot twist-2nd quest-2 dungeons-3rd quest-5 dungeons-plot twist-final dungeon||. IDK, just change the flow of the game a bit so it is clearly not divided into 2 halves.

And dont make another prequel game. Add on to the end of a timeline. And dear god, please don't make the game TOO linear. Make at least a part or two of the game playable in any order, whether it be 2 or 3 dungeons in any order, or getting some items in any order. I don't know why, but being directed exactly where to go all the time really bugs me.
Jun 1, 2012
I want a game as revolutionary to today's time as Ocarina of Time was in 1998.
Something that will really get other developers going.

I want another Zelda game that I can say I haven't beaten yet after having it over a week.

I want it and the console to be able to fit into my budget.


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Apr 12, 2012
No more prequels please. SS did a good job on being a first in the series. If anywhere in the timeline, after TP.
Graphics I'm not too picky about but I'd REALLY prefer the style of the tech demo shown at E3 next year.
Something in the decline timeline, something intense and beautiful like Twilight Princess with its amazing lighting effects and gorgeous colour palette, even if its cell shaded.

A typical and non-apologetic Zelda story; save the girl but make it feel very desperate and immediate so that it means something to actually save her.

New characters, no more reincarnating Beedle etc etc.

A linked overworld and an overworld larger than WW's great sea.

Twice the size of TP in game-time.

Keep the dash mechanic from SS.

Increased difficulty; new puzzles, enemies have higher defenses/ are smarter/ can take punishment

Compulsory travel system.
Skyrim/Elderscrolls knock off

And i certainly don't want to be disappointed.
Oct 15, 2013
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I want another game where Zelda and Link adventure together or where Zelda actually does something. In my opinion this is one of the few things about Skyward Sword that disappointed me. The game was awesome but I thought I was in for a lot more interaction with Zelda based on the beginning. Then she disappears into an enchanted sleep and that was that. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to have her a full-on playable character, but there could be sections of the game, maybe after a story cut scene, where we'd transition to, say, Zelda and Impa and have specific things to do that differ from Link's quests. How fun would that be? I mean, we'd be retreading the map again, but it would provide markedly different gameplay in the same way that the spirit realm was nothing like Link's other adventures. I can think of several options for Zelda's involvement:

1. Sidekick who does things to help Link, not necessarily playable
2. Playable sidekick who you can switch to at need to solve specific puzzles
3. 2-player option, otherwise a sidekick
4. Zelda levels separate from Link's adventure, interspersed throughout the game for variety at crucial moments in the story
5. Brief Zelda quests throughout the game, based more on puzzle solving than combat and designed to help Link
6. An unlockable game after the main game is finished. I.e. instead of seeing Zelda in the credits you get to play as her

What do you all think? I loved Zelda's personality in Skyward Sword. She seemed more warm and down-to-earth than in other games, and I would love it if Nintendo could give us a stronger character who isn't always a damsel in distress.
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