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Zelda Wii Soundtrack


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Jun 8, 2009
So this thread doesn't serve much purpose until the game actually comes out, but I suppose all the threads will totally change once ZW is released. But I think there are still a few topics worth discussing that concern the soundtrack even though we haven't heard it!

First off I wonder if the Music from the new game will pay homage to the classic Zelda games, or will each song be an original (not likely, but I can only hope..) When we start hearing songs from other Zelda games it helps us to draw connections between the games. A prime example would be Termina Field in MM =)

Also will we learn songs? And if so I really really want them to be more relevant to the game Like OoT/MM style. Especially MM because of the multiple instruments Link carried (drums, guitar, deku pipes, and the ocarina of time!!!

There is also the possibility that we will stumble upon a familiar area but the music will be different! could you see this happening? I dont know but Castle Town is in need of an overhaul...

So what will the music of Zelda Wii be like? I have no clue, but there are a lot of possibilities when you consider all the music from the previous games! Perhaps Link will get to play a few different instruments... I'm starting to have thoughts of a 3D OoX for Wii so I'm gunna stop here and call it a day. But dang the harp of Ages would be an awesome instrument to play again... I felt like there could have been more music surrounding that item.


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Jan 24, 2010
I'm always impressed with Zelda music, and so I don't expect Nintendo to disappoint us in this department.

While paying homage is good, I'd want them to keep it in moderation. The overworld themes in OoT and TP are some of my favourites because they're new and exciting. That's not to say that I wouldn't want to hear some familiar themes. Just have a bit of variety along with it.

An instrument would be good, but only if it was done well, like the Ocarina of Time was. The Spirit Flute was a major disappointment, so I'd be wary about bringing in a new instrument, but you never know.


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Jan 18, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
If anything that i expect from this soundtrack, is some actual orchestrations, midi's just arent cutting it with Zelda anymore. If they can do such a good job with Super Mario galaxy, im 100% certain they can do better than Midi's for the next Zelda Title

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