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Zelda Wii = Last Game??

Zelda Wii == last Zelda game?

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Leave the chocolate here
Jan 25, 2010
The Mansion!
Never gonna happen
why would they? its a really successful series.
and when shiguru will die there's probably gonna be a replacement, a follower of Shiguru that knows every thing there is to know about zelda and then there will be another follower and another and another.... Zelda will live forever! hahahahah!
Oct 26, 2008
Personally, I believe that Nintendo aren't stupid enough to end what is a founding father of the gaming community, Zelda was made in 1986 which is near enough when any form of gaming started. It earns Nintendo way to much money for them to decide to pull the plug on Zelda's reign either, it's been doing so for 24 years, I don't think there are many other games series that have outlived that impressive feat, well besides games like Mario which have been striding strong for nearly 30.

I think the time that Nintendo will finish and bury the Zelda series (and even then it may not be forever) is when it's sales start to drop but while it's still a highly praised game series. I'd be disappointed if Nintendo got greedy and lost Zelda all of it's credit just for a little extra sash, especially considering they don't really need more money.
Jan 28, 2010
Yeah man, worlds ending in 2012, if its released in early 2011, then they better hurry the f up for a new title, i wanna play it before the human race is destroyed!
nah, they'll keep making them, why stop now? there is really no point in stopping. Developers love making zelda games so if nintendo quit many devolopers would just keep making them. I make games and Id keep making zelda if it was over.


Ofcourse this isn't the end of zelda, I did hear somewhere (can't remember where tho) that this is the last of zelda 'as we know it'... Now that could mean quite a number of things. One theory I heard for this is that zelda technology will become more advanced, and we'll see things like cars and guns in the game rather than swords and bows... If thats the case then I'm probably going to quit zelda :'(. It would forever tarnish the name of the loz franchize, even more so than Tingle did... yikes....

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