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Zelda What-Ifs

Jan 11, 2021
It would lose its charm; it would lose what I believe to be the biggest risk that the Zelda series has ever taken in terms of gameplay (except maybe Zelda 2 as a game). I would rate it probably similarly on my ranking...mainly because I believe Maze Island serves a similar function and so I'd be satisfied with them testing out the concept

I don't think I've truly discussed how much I find the entire concept of Phantom Hourglass fundamentally captivating. In much the same way I appreciate Frozen 2, despite all of its significant problems, I really appreciate what Phantom Hourglass is attempting to do (and that I think it succeeds at), especially with the TOTOK While Mercay Island isn't the most interesting town, I do enjoy it's quaintness and the mysterious northern mountain location that the temple rests on is very captivating; I personally find the Bellum lore and phantom lore super good; taking notes on your map to remember shortcuts in the future is genius; traveling back and forth makes the sea get used much more, and makes PH feel like a longer game especially on a system that can barely run the visuals it is attempting; the combination of puzzles, satisfying stealth sections, and ultimately a combat challenge that ranks up there with the ending of MC. big fan.

The stealth/time limit/invisible enemy combo ****show that is the Temple of the Ocean King is not generally beloved, but it is beloved by me and i'd be very very sad if it got removed.

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Mar 23, 2013
It'd be better.

Now, you couldn't just remove the Temple of the Ocean King and replace it with nothing. Pull it out and replace it with new areas and new content that isn't just working your way through the same temple over and over. I can see why people think the temple is memorable, but I'd say it's memorable only because so much of Phantom Hourglass isn't memorable.

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