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Breath of the Wild Zelda U- What is Enough?

A new home console Zelda game is something we look forward to immediately after completing the current one we have in our consoles, but Nintendo are a slow working, vague and secretive bunch and sometimes we can wait 5-8 years for a new home console game.

Between the home console releases of TP and SS we were treated to a piece of art in TP's style of Link with who we now know to have been Fi, the companion in SS. It was a small snippet which told more lies than it did truth, most assumed SS would keep the TP art style given the style in which the picture was presented but we were wrong, quite a few of us believed Fi to be a relation to the Great Fairy of Wind Waker but we were wrong there too....

But, while this snippet wasn't much and gave what could almost be considered false information, was it enough to help with the wait between TP and SS? Did you feel a little bit more excited for the game to come? Did it galvanise your fandom any? Or did you feel hard done by and cheated out of real production news?

Conversely, what would be your reaction if the same were to happen again between SS and ZeldaU? would a vague untrustworthy picture be enough, or do you not care until the first (possibly also misleading) trailer is aired? What is enough to help you with the wait between Zelda releases?


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
This might be a disappointing answer but, for me, it would make no difference if we got one piece of concept art or a full cinematic trailer. There are a handful of franchises which I know, I just know, I am going to purchase no matter what and The Legend of Zelda is one of them. So, since I already know that I am going to buy ZeldaU, Nintendo don't need to sell me on it beforehand. Of course, I will pay attention to pre-release stuff and find it quite exciting but my point is I would be just as excited if there wasn't any of that stuff.

Using Skyward Sword as an example, when they showed that image (which I agree was fairly deceptive) my response wasn't, "Eeeeeee!! OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! Zelda! Zleda! Zeladu!! Prrpbbt, Link!" it was more, "Oh, sweet. So that'll be out within the next 18-24 months then. Sound :)"

I suppose what I'm saying is, for me, it's enough to just know the game is coming, no matter what form it takes.


Apr 22, 2011
Like Cfrock I feel that there are some games which I just know I'm going to purchase. So I don't care if I never get to see a single image or piece of art from Zelda U up until release I still know I'm going to buy it, a part of me would also love for this to happen. In wait of SS I over analyzed every new piece of information we got, So I found that 90% of my theories and expectations for the game got shattered when I saw it for the first time. :xd:

IMO releasing images like they did for SS is a cheap way of getting people interested, I'd rather just watch some actual gameplay instead of seeing one picture then getting thousands of false ideas about the game.
Aug 25, 2012
Indiana, USA
I'd definitely get excited by even a simple piece of artwork about the next Zelda game, but it wouldn't be enough to form my opinions about a game. Games in general, particularly Zelda games, are subject to a lot of change before the official release, so the concept art is just that: concept art to what the game might look like. It usually doesn't disappoint me. Neither do trailers unless said trailers reveal next to nothing about the game. I guess I don't really have an "enough" point. I tend to be pretty laidback, so I usually reserve judgement for when the reviews come pouring in and huge chunks of gameplay are available for viewing across the internet. Still, trailers get me more excited than anything. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are a thousand moving pictures worth?


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Dec 5, 2012
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Of course, we ALL prefer that big release from Zelda on Wii U to be something completely different from SS AND TP.
If creators can do better, then they should.
It's true, although if the game carries the same graphics and look of SS that many were disappointed with, I too will be buying the game..heck, I'm pre-ordering that s**t!
I love Zelda. But we all expect more. Which is why I don't like thinking of how it could be like or what I want much from it.
My requirements however, that will make the game one I will love and not disappoint:
3 things:
- A more expanded and free Hyrule (this applies to Lost Woods, Death Mountain, etc.)
- More Gerudo stuff! Culture, Haunted Wastland/Gerudo fortress..bring it all back! Love human-like characters.
- And last but not least....(don't hate), I want to see Navi <--(more than others), but other old characters again too. I want to know what happened to her, where she was, and have her travel with Link to guide him again in a quest. Kafei, Midna, and others I want to appear at least once in the game.

Art style is not really a problem. As long as the game does release a trailer and not a bunch of possibly-false bs pictures, my excitement will commence and I will happily wait.

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