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Breath of the Wild Zelda U: How Many Dungeons Do You Wanna See?

How many dungeons do you want to see in Zelda U?

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  • 8-10

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  • 11 or 12

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May 10, 2012
I want difficult dungeon puzzles that tick you off to the point you must take a break. I want dungeons to take hours to complete and really make you think. I want epic boss battles like Twilight Princess, but much harder. I want a scary dungeon like the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time, that really freaks you out, followed by a quirky and colorful dungeon- basically both sides of the spectrum. I want bosses that take on multiple forms (think Twinrova and Koloktos), and take away lots of hearts so you have to play it multiple times to perfect it. I feel a little disappointed when I figure the boss out quickly and never die. When I was a kid Phantom Ganon from OoT took at least 3 tries to figure out without a guide...
Nov 25, 2012
Monkey Island
I want them to stray from the classic overworld-dungeon-overworld-dungeon pattern that they've been using for the past 25 years. I want instances where you aren't sure whether you're in a dungeon or the overworld because the two merge together. Maybe even a populated town that also has some dungeon qualities. Also, maybe a lot of smaller dungeons like in Skyrim. All of that would leave room for maybe 3 or 4 full-scale dungeons, but I think that would make the game more diverse and it would even epic-ify the few larger dungeons.

On that note, maybe even a straying from the emphasis on the dungeons in general. Like, more wild horseback chases, more jousting matches, more saving citizens from burning buildings...puzzle-solving isn't the only thing that fits in the action-adventure genre.


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Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
personally i think 8-10 is a good amount.. with a vast over world, I think it's a good number to to mix it up and have verity, To mix it up with the elements and puzzles. I loved Zelda Twilight princes I liked how big the over world was an dhow much there was to do,the fact that i could ride Epona around for so long and have horse back combat? that was freaking amazing and i would love to see more of that!
Jan 13, 2013
Varied. A LOT of different elemental dungeons(forest, fire, water, ice/snow, light, dark, desert), but also new unique dungeons(like Snowpeak Ruins in TP and Lanayru Mining Facility in SS).

Also varied. I want som dungeons to be HUGE(bigger than TP's dungeons) that can take like 5 hours, but also more average sized dungeons and also mini dungeons(though, those shouldn't count as normal dungeons).

A LOT! 5 huge dungeons. 7 average sized dungeons. And 7 mini dungeons.


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Dec 16, 2011
I'd want more then 12, but not that much more then that. I'd be too afraid for it the dungeons to feel like they dragged on, if there was that many of them.
I'd definitely not want 4 or something like that, that would just be ridiculous. They say they're putting a lot of hard work and effort into this, so I hope that means lots and lots of dungeons. Hopefully around 12 - 13?


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Feb 8, 2011
Overall I want there to be approximately 8 or 10 Dungeons and Temples. Twilight Princess had that amount, and they were very well-balanced in selection and variety. But even if Nintendo were to do 7 or less (think Ocarina of Time) then perhaps they could also add some sub-Dungeons, meaning additional structures that aren't part of the main quest, but still there for us to explore. Our reward could be rarer supplies rather than standard items/weapons, although to defeat the Boss we'd have to complete a series of puzzles in the Room to injure it. The Wii U is very capable of delivering this, I'm sure.


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
I am a fan of having many dungeons like in A Link to the Past or Twilight Princess, so I voted 11 or 12. The reason I didn't vote more than 12 is that I would like 11 or 12 dungeons that take a very long time to complete (with the final dungeon being the longest), and any more than that would be unnecessary.

skull kid 3

i want to see dungeons like the dungeons in oracle of season & ages. each were very different from each other but wern't based on any element
i want about six main dungeons(not including the lair of the final boss) and 2-3 optional dungeons
i want the dungeons to be as big as they were in majora's mask with 2-3 minibosses

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