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General Zelda Zelda Timeline Concerns

Mar 2, 2012
So with Nintendo dropping books like Hyrule Historia which included a full timeline of the full chronology of which Zelda games happened first I have become concerned about this recently: I feel like because Nintendo made the timeline to appease all of the theorists out there I hope they won't start crafting every game henceforth according so it can fit their timeline. Which is why I sort of want the next Zelda to turn the timeline on its head. I want the story to be so full of contradictions and inconsistencies( in relation to the timeline mind you) that timeline theorists will upload hour long videos of them just raging about how the game destroyed the timeline. Yes. That would make my day..........


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
Though its odd to me that all but two of my favorite games in the series are in the same timeline, I do admit its a little bothersome. And agree in that I hope they dont try to cater to the timeline when making a game. I dont think they will. and i would love to see a new game just start everything over.... kind of. as much as i would like to see that, i would also like to see some games revisit the worlds from other games, like another game in the TP world. Or a sequel to MM when link is older. But the timeline was a bit of an annoyance when it first came around, but i think most qualms with it have simmered. Its not that big a deal really, as long as we get good games!


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Jul 17, 2014
I think Nintendo had no idea about the timeline until fans started demanding one. They just made games and decided to match them all up in HH.

I like it that way. I personally don't pay much attention to the HH timeline, and just try making up my own versions. I like that fans make great timelines themselves, and don't want that to stop.

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