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Zelda: Skyward Sword ... Will We Ever Be Given a Release Date?

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Hey everyone! I have grown up playing Zelda my whole life and love each new installment but i feel like i have been waiting FOREVER for skyward sword. Does anyone have a prediction for when Zelda: Skyward Sword will be released? Or a predication for when/how the announcement of the official release date will be made? Gamescom? Tokyo Games Show? Some sites are saying it will be a world wide release ... if this is the case what is the most likely day of the week that the game will be released on? Yes i know that as of right now Nintendo is just saying "Holiday 2011" but has Nintendo done this before (said "holiday 20__" and then waited until late to release a date) and if so what was the result? Did they annouce a date at a game expo or a private press conference and how long before the release day did they announce the date? You all probably have way more experience than i do in this situation so any thing you know is helpful!
Aug 15, 2011
Hyrule! [:
They probably aren't giving a final release date until they are sure they don't have to push it back...I've heard sometime in November, but that's just the rumor mill running...nobody will know till Nintendo says!


Hylian Warrior
Dec 12, 2010
Nintendo has done this before with lots of Zelda's (example Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks) they both where giving a Holiday release at E3 and the release date revealed mid September so... We could get the release date at Gamescom or mid September at Tokyo Game Show.


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Nov 24, 2010
Well, as for the question in the title, of course we're getting a release date. It's not they can just release it on a random day and hope people pick it up without warning.

I imagine that the release date will be given September-October, and that the game will release late November/early December.


The New Guy
Aug 22, 2010
I thought we had a release month... but i just couldn't remember it... Whatever. We will probably get a release date soon enough. but i think it is good in a way that we don't have the date, it makes waiting easier for me personally :)


Aug 29, 2010
Patience my dear. Nintendo will grace Skyward Sword with a release date soon.

Well back to reality.

Don't worry, it will get a release date soon. It's just that Nintendo is a sneaky bunch and like to keep secrets and let it drop little by little. But I like that. It always hypes me up like crazy when there's new news to be heard!


Jan 19, 2011
We'll get it at the latest in September. Delays at this point are almost completely impossible, since the game is finished. When we'll get the date, that will be a sign that the game is done, localization and all (probably for the N. American version)
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