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Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

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The hardest dungeon in Zelda history would be the Stone Tower Temple from Majora's Mask. It was actually pretty annoying how you had to flip the dungeon over in most parts. You practically had to use all your masks, and the temple mask, the Giants Mask, could only be used in the boss room! However, it was truly a test for those who are most experienced at Zelda. The Spirit Temple, from Ocarina of Time, was also a pain in the neck, because you had to beat the first half as a child, and the next as a adult! Iron Knuckle, the mini-boss was a hard hitter and deals four hearts of damage in normal quest, and eight in master quest. Twinrova, could also deal up to seven and a half hearts of damage! These two temples were truly a test for the hero of time himself.


Snowpeak Ruins (ice temple) - Twilight Princess
I got so confused with the puzzles in the mansion and I died like 14 times because I couldn't defeat the mini-boss (the huge armored beast with the ball and chain). I also died many times throughout the dungeon because i couldn't figure out the puzzle and I did something dumb such as accidently jump off a cliff or ledge or run into a monster. This is one of my most embarrassing Zelda moments and i am usually much better at dungeons. - GL! ^ ^
Dec 26, 2011
All of the water temple have always been a huge issue for me. I guess the hardest one was in Ocarina of Time. I was about 10 years old when I first played the water temple without my Dads help and I reminber it being sooooo hard!!!


Would saying The Water Temple be too much of an old cliche? It was just frustrating to have to raise and lower the water level so many times. Sure enough, I would make a mistake, and have to go all the way back and do it over...

I think the most frustrating MOMENT in any dungeon that I've had was the ice block puzzle in Snowpeak Ruins of TP...I just couldn't wrap my head around it for whatever reason...


This is hard to believe, but I had more trouble with the Great Bay Temple from Majora's mask than the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time. Water levels have never been one of my strong points, and the Great Bay Temple pushed me over the edge! Ah!


The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

lets see iv started alot of zelda games but have only won a couple i think the tower of spirits in spirit tracks was the hardest that iv played so far finding all the force gems with out getting caught is hard but it is awesome Zelda getting in to a phantom suit and different parts i got stuck on for a while


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Jul 25, 2011
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The Hardest Dungeon for me would have to be jabu Jabu's belly in OoA. The dungeon looked so gross and electrical enemies were everywhere making it nearly impossible to use your sword and the swimming was either too slow or too fast making this dungeon crazy hard and it had no sense of direction.I hated it! And the boss was so weird and hard to get a good angle at for me so it would hit itself. And more, the water levels must be CHANGED! it gives a dreaded flashback to the water temple. IT IS HARD!!! And the item you get is just and upgraded version of the switch hook! the same item! It barely does anything new! It doesnt even make the dungeon easier. There is even a typo when you get the lame item! A TYPO they call it a long switch when you get the item! It is a hard and horrible dungeon. One last thing that makes it hard. Before you get the same item if you dont have a key after beating the miniboss you have to go ALL THE WAY BACK! do yourself a favor and use a guide! At least you dont have to carry a princess...


The hardest dungeon for me was Stone Tower temple, I was overwhelmed by the thought of having to fli[p it over, panicked for about 10 minutes and then kept going. The final boss was abit tricky, it took me abother 10 minutes to realize i could use the giants mask.

leon gregor2

The lakebed temple is one of my least favorite dungeons, but it begins to get simple after dozens of playthroughs (months after the other). The dungeons that are in the original are the dungeons that constantly make me praise the younger of 1982. Some of the dungeons are so ahead of their time... its just riduculous. When i meet someone who has yet to play zelda i always let them see the original, ask them if they liked what they saw (they usually say yes), then i open up the library of quality dungeons to the person in question. The dungeons in the series has an equal quality and has yet to fail, in what iv seen of course (excluding the cd-i games... but those dont ever count... do they!?!).


As the famous DODONGO BUSTER, the hardest Zelda dungeon for me was the stone tower temple from Majora's Mask - no question. I had no trouble in the Woodfall, Snowhead, and Great Bay temples. I couldn't upset the fantastic music of this temple so I went forward with courage. Everything's more or less straight forward up to the mini boss. Once you get the light arrows you gotta backtrack outside the temple, shoot the crystal thingy AND THE WHOLE TEMPLE TURNS UPSIDE DOWN. Thats what makes it so mind boggling. And also im the type of person that absolutely HAS to collect all the stray fairies in EVERY temple. Yep. Uhuh.

Apart from that there was the water temple in OOT, lanayru mining facility in SS, and lakebed temple in TP, these required deep mind meditation.

Theres also master quest in OOT - the fire temple there was off the charts as well along with the spirit temple.

Peace my zelda bruvs and sisters. :mastersword: <3 :zelda: <3


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For me, I'd have to say the hardest temple was either the Water or Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time.

Yeah yeah, I know, everyone says the water temple, but even though I enjoyed the challenge, there were still so many parts of it that confused me with the changing water levels and going back and forth through rooms.

The Shadow Temple also had some interesting puzzles in it, but if you forgot to use the Lens of Truth or the Hoverboots, you fell or got hurt. Super frustrating. Plus, Bongo Bongo is by far the most annoying boss for me. Even though I knew how to beat him, I would still get smushed or pushed off countless times.

Overall, I like them all, and even though some are challenging, that's what makes us go back for more every time.
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Nov 5, 2007
I've had an interesting time with lots of dungeons, but I've never had more trouble with a dungeon than the last level of LoZ1. Everyone tells me that Zelda 2 was harder, and that's true, but this is primarily due to an interface I can only describe as "most crappy" and probably the worst hit detection I've ever seen. Zelda 1 was legitimately hard, not just a poorly made game. I remember trekking through the final dungeon and finding Ganon only to be unable to kill him because somehow I missed the light arrows, and even after I got them, it didn't tell me to do that. This is the only Zelda game I have ever had to use a guide for more than just a full complete because I'm too lazy to explore every single inch of the world and put bombs in seemingly random places in order to find Skulltulas. :P
Even after I looked at a guide, (Thanks, by the way to Zelda Dungeon) it was still incredibly difficult to even get to the boss, and an invisible guy who you just have to hope you're stabbing in the right direction is still on my top 10 most difficult boss list of all games ever made.
Despite the frustrations, though, after going to all this trouble, I think is the most satisfaction I've ever got from a video game. If I ever beat the Second quest, I may have a new answer though. XD
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