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Zelda Riddles


Feb 25, 2010
There are two of me.
The one I am mistaken for.
Looks like me sometimes, sometimes does not.
I am named for him.

Who am I?

Don't have to say what game since they're in two.
Link the goron, right? From OoT and MM? They are different gorons, the real link is mistaken for him in MM by anju, and the real Link sometimes has the goron mask on, and is named for link. Am I right?

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
I was from an alternate universe,finding my man.
He was gone and I was sad,
But lastly,I found him and I was really glad. :)
I am not trying to make this riddle rhyme.
EDIT: I am from an alternate universe. LOL.
Subject: MM

Hylian Knight

Green Armored Menace
Sep 28, 2010
Wow it's been awhile since I've looked at this Thread

Maybe Kamaro as he was trying to find someone to his dance to but Anju fits much better.
Mar 10, 2010
Seems dead... so new riddle!

I just wanted to help but for that I got into jail.

Can give more clues but I want to have this one more exciting. Let's see if it is easy already or if I have to give more clues...

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