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Zelda Riddles

Firice da Vinci

Distinct lack of Leonardo
Jun 15, 2010
Renaissance Italy
Maybe I should stop trying to hide the riddle by using very broad subjects... yeah right! The answer was a
Thwomp. Yes, they ARE a Zelda enemy, though they only appeared in LA, OoA, and OoX.
Here, I shall wait.
They fall from the ceiling when Link walks under them.
Don't trick me like that!
Link can quickly walk under them and back up before he gets crushed.
Where did you go?
Link can jump on top of top of them with Roc's Feather.
Ha ha, I found you!
Assuming you fall off, the Thwomp can find you.
Of all places, I had to get stuck here.
How in the world did a Mario enemy get in Zelda?!
Two version of me, there are.
This could be used in two ways. Thwomps come in two colors in Link's Awaking DX and maybe OoX(not quite sure). There's also a Head Thwomp and a regular Thwomp in Oracle of Ages. There also smaller versions of Thwomps--Thwimps--found in OoX. Not sure about Link Awakening, though.
I'll think of a riddle later today, since it's already past midnight.

New riddle! This one is going to be hard. If I legitimately came up with riddles, this would be one of the last things I'd even think of.

Subject: Random Objects.
Through me, you enter.
Hit me, you lose 50.
Come to life, she made me.
Changed, this place made me.
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Hylian Knight

Green Armored Menace
Sep 28, 2010
Your confusing is it a place or an item?

Those bushes you burn or wall you bombs in LoZ and smoetimes you have to pay to get the door fixed.

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