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Zelda Restaurant


The Drifter
Dec 30, 2011
Heart potion+ with made with authentic butterflies and some other bugs.....
Dec 23, 2011
ordon pumpkin pie, lumpy pumpkin soup, grandmas special soup, ordon goat cheese, and the yetis soup lol.. my gaw that would be so awesome!!! I could proly make a whole menu! ... in fact i'm going to do that right now!! lol!!

Put it on this post when you are done with it! You should make it all cool looking too with pictures of the food!
Dec 26, 2011
Skyloft Knight Academy
don't forget Reekfish! It would make the restaurant smell lovely! :P I wonder if you could make people breath out colored breath when they drink red/green/blue potions like in Wind Waker! I would love to do that! :D Could also eat those weird pear fruits that grew on trees in SS.

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