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Zelda Racing

May 11, 2011
How about this for a zelda spinoff?

A racing game featuring several zelda characters (like mario kart, but obviously not including cars!)

There could be different 'cups' (like on mario kart) and for each cup a different form of transport is used!

For example:
Cup 1 - Horseback (Characters race by riding horses, including epona as an option)
Cup 2 - Sailing (Characters race by sailing, including the king of red lions and linebeck's ship as options)
Cup 3 - Deku Leaf (Like the deku leaf race in TWW, characters race by gliding with the deku leaf over winds)
Cup 4 - Trains (Characters race on traintracks, as used in ST. Might be complicated, but could work if done right)
Cup 5 - Flying (Characters race by riding loftwings through the skies)
And cup 6 could include 5 extra-difficult races, each one covering each different form of transport

5 races per cup. Different locations throughout the zelda universe covered (For example, in cup 2, 1 race could take place in the great sea, another could take place in lake hylia etc)

Playable characters could include: Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Zelda's alter-egos (Tetra/Shiek), Impa, Groose, All sages from OOT, Tingle, Zant etc - what do you think?

Of course, the different art styles of characters might look odd (For example, TWW Tetra and TP Zant). But then again, it worked with smash bros.

Do you think anything like this could/should happen?
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The graphics would work if they were all converted to one style, like in Smash Bros. I like how many different forms of transportation are mixed together.

If they were in karts, that would ruin the Zelda series of a Medival style.


Defender of Hyrule
Oct 14, 2011
i wouldn't play it. a horse racing game would be good, especially if they include bow/arrow, bombs and other weapons but sailing and deku leaf racing sound really dull. the reason Mario Kart works is because it's fast paced. deku leafs are really slow. seeing as they have robots and machine in some of the Zelda games, they could have some car like creations or a Mario Kart spin off with Zelda characters would be good
Apr 4, 2012
It sounds fun, but I'm afraid it would detract from the main series. It can be pulled off with Mario, because Mario's so crazy that they could do about anything with it and make it work. The Legend of Zelda has slightly stricter rules. If Nintendo decided to do it though, I know they would pull it off with class.


I would buy it if they did a real good job with it. If they end up making it, I hope it won't be like a donkey kong spin-off


It sounds good but to actually rate it i would have to see it and play it.
Aug 7, 2011
I've seen a lot of threads about spin off games in different genres using Zelda characters and locations. While I don't think they are bad ideas, I personally would rather see Nintendo spend their time on more unique and original games in the Zelda series. Sure, a fighting or racing gaming with Zelda characters could work, but would that really be a good use of the Zelda license?

I'm glad Nintendo hasn't gone down the spin off route with the Zelda franchise (yet at least) like they have with so many of their other franchises. Just to reiterate, I don't think a Zelda racing game is an inherently bad idea, I just personally wouldn't want to play it. I hope this post doesn't come off as too negative as that isn't my intention :)
Apr 5, 2012
I wouldn't say that I wouldn't buy the game, but it the idea just seems a little odd to me.. no matter how fun the game is.. it's unusual to me if Nintendo would make a spin-off.. I mean for Mario, it kind of makes sense and they've been doing it for years.. but Nintendo being the geniuses they are, maybe they could make it work. Who knows. :p


Apr 8, 2012
Bedfordshire, London
I just posted something along the lines of this before reading this,s o I feel pretty stupid now, but I think it would be so so awesome. Mariokart is amazing, and I think a potential racing game based on Zelda could be a lot lot better.

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