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Zelda Project (Working Name in Progress)

Nov 30, 2009
[size=large]Project Overview:[/size]
The game i am working on is part of a Quadrilogy, similar to the Oracle Games. It is in a Minish Cap style, and will be played similarly.

While the Demo is already playable, there are no downloads or screenshots as of yet, due to the transition of GB sprites to GBA sprites. Below is our current Programming Checklist, Click the Spoiler to view it.

[size=large]Spoiler Key:[/size]
Complete - The Programming is done, and usable, but edits may be made to improve gameplay.
Final - Nothing more can be done to improve this, and it wont be change, unless a glitch or other problem is caused.
In Progress - Started, but not finished. Should include a description of how much is done.
Coming Soon - Not yet started, but we plan on doing so soon.

Walking: - Complete. (Walking Speeds and collisions may be changed later)

Sword Swinging: - In Progress. (Works fine as of now, bu needs to be polished up, and have added spin attack)

Health Meter: - In Progress. (Has Heart Pickups, but no heart meter, just a number of health-points left)

Rupee Counter: - In Progress. (Works fine, but needs new font, and different placement on screen. Currently has Green [1] and Blue [5] Rupee pickups.)

Correct Room Changing: - In Progress. (Works, but needs improvement)

Inventory: - Coming Soon (Preparations are being made, but the inventory itself isnt being started)

The story is complete, but not much can be said at this time, heres a basic idea, that is spoiler free, (although placed in a spoiler, :P ) :

Game 1 (Wind):
Link wakes up, to find himself not remembering anything, and is spoken to by a spirit of some sort. The Spirit tells Link what had happened just before, (Im not releasing any info as of now), and tells Link he is in a new Hyrule, Plagued with winds, and tornados.

Game 2 (Fire):
Same as before, but the new Hyrule is plagued with volcanoes, lava rivers, and dry lakes.

Game 3 (Water):
Same as above, but the New Hyrule is Flooded, and there is almost nonstop rain.

Game 4 (Shadow):
Same as above, but Hyrule is plagued by darkness. (there is a dark and light world, but the dark terrorizes the light world)

Other info:
Each game happens at the same time.
They Explain the origins of some items.

As stated before, the gameplay will be similar to that of the Minish Cap. It will not be exact, only similar. I am entertaining the thought of releasing all four games in one game file, so that it would be easy to include multiple game linking extras, such as item trading sequences through multiple games, unlocking new abilities, optional items, optional dungeons, and more.

[size=large]How you can help, (and what i may need):[/size]

I would need someone who can make edits/customs of Minish Cap styled sprites. I will need them mostly for enemies and bosses that i dont have, or cant find/make on my own.

I would also like someone who can take my story, (the full, unreleased story), and check it thoroughly using zeldawiki.org to make sure it makes sense with the canon stories, i dont have time to do that myself.

Project Manager/Supervisor
Game Designer
Story Writer

Creative Support

Composers (May be dropped soon for custom composer)

The Spriters Resource:
Sprite Providers

Special Thanks:
The Spriters Resource Community
The Game Maker Community

(Thread Under Construction)


The epic turnip king
Feb 22, 2010
In a platypus
Well,I could try editing sprites,but I have never done it before.Well I have,but they were still framed.
Nov 30, 2009
Well,I could try editing sprites,but I have never done it before.Well I have,but they were still framed.

Im not sure ill need that quite yet.

This is a copy of a topic from another site, (still my topic), its under construction, because the forums are very different, (notice the [/spoiler] function is there, but doesnt work.)

Ill fix this later today, i cant now.


Dec 3, 2008
If you need help I can edit and make custom sprites. I'm not that great with backgrounds/buildings, but I do almost always work in Minish Cap's 32 bit style, so I could definitely help you with character sprites.
Nov 30, 2009
Characters are something i DEFINATLY need

When can you start helping?

(If you want to start, send me your gmail to my PM. if you dont have one, make one. Ill make you an official part of the team, well discuss later)

Also, if anyone else wants to help, pm me with a gmail address. (Only gmail will work)

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