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Zelda Music Orchestrated

Majora's Cat

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Sep 3, 2010
I don't necessarily know if this thread belongs in the World of Zelda section, so Mods, feel free to mve this to where it belongs.

Many will know me for loving the Beatles, but I'd like to focus on Zelda music for a second. I love it and there are some great sources to find top-notch Zelda music that is orchestrated:

http://www.zreomusic.com/listen - ZREO provides great orchestrated music for just about every Zelda game and does it very well - the overall layout of the music doesn't stray far from the original, so if you wanted something different, ZREO is not for you.

http://www.herbalcell.com/video-game-soundtracks/zelda-majoras-mask-orchestrated - Majora's Mask orchestrated songs - only a few are available, but they differ greatly from the original versions. :)

http://www.herbalcell.com/video-game-soundtracks/zelda-ocarina-of-time-orchestrated - Ocarina of Time orchestrated songs - once again, only a few are available, but things are greatly changed.

http://www.herbalcell.com/free-sheet-music - on a different note, http://www.herbalcell.com/ also features free piano sheet music - I use it and it's very accurate.

All credit for the sheet music on http://www.herbalcell.com/ is given to Rachel Bell, the owner of the website. :)


Clothed in Green
Sep 25, 2010
I like the Herbalcell music because they definatly remix it all up where as Zreo just remix a little thats why i prefer the herbalcell

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