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Zelda Movie Poll

Which Zelda game would make the best movie?

  • The Legend of Zelda

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  • Zelda II

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  • A Link to the Past

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  • Links Awakening

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  • Ocarina of Time

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  • Majora's Mask

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  • Oracle of Seasons

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Oracle of Ages

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  • The Wind Waker

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Minish Cap

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Twilight Princess

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  • Phantom Hourglass

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  • Spirit Tracks

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  • Skyward Sword

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  • An all new story/ A mix of multiple games

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Aug 12, 2012
The Minish Cap would make a great fantasy type movie! Always going through to minish size to complete all sorts of tasks, and vice versa.. I think it would be cool. I liked the characters in MC and thought the story was great as well. Vaati is just plain cool.
May 27, 2012
You should have added another option, "There shouldn't be a Zelda movie". Have you been to the theater lately? Do you see all the crap they're trying to pass off as movies? Remember Michael Bay's brilliant idea to make the TMNT aliens? I'm not saying a Zelda movie is destined to suck, I'm not saying all movies and directors nowadays are horrible, I'm just saying most movies and directors nowadays are terrible and there's a very good chance that the Zelda movie would be a gigantic disappointment.
I have thought about it, though, and I think it would be best to do the story from someone else point of view, it'd be near impossible to have to the story be from Link's point of view and still have him not speak a word (Link shouldn't even speak in movies), but there should never be a Zelda movie.


be vigitant
Feb 20, 2012
I'd lean toward seeing Skyward Sword in movie form, or an entirely different story. Skyward Sword's characters seem more real and have more depth to them. If a Zelda movie were to be made, it would be interesting to see how it would be pulled off. If they do it right, the movie might pull more fans in to play the games.

The Jade Fist

Kung Fu Master
Jul 17, 2012
It was a close one between OoT for its epicness, and Majora's Mask for its shorter story, and how it could sort of go like ground hogs day, watching mini montages of Link trying to redo something over and over again, until he finds a way not to screw it up.

OoT would at least have to be 2 or 3 part, with lord of the rings length, in order to do it justice. And it could show more then just what Link was doing and show from other characters point of view.

Animated would make the other non human races easier to mix in with out cgi standing out badly. Zora could be done like Hellboy's (what ever that guys name that the person who played Niles Crane from Fraiser played) the fish guy, his costume was done pretty well.

Of course a new story would be easier to make movie friendly but, they did that for Dragon Ball , and any one who saw dragon ball evolution knows just how bad it was. I don't want to see a brutalized beyond being able to take seriously movie, for Zelda.

Vs a movie, I think i'd prefer its own cartoon or something, thats at least 30 episodes long.


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
For me, the answer is either Twilight Princess or an all new story. Twilight Princess, in my opinion, is the Zelda game that is closest to feeling like a movie, but an all new plot seems more enjoyable, and may be more suitable for watching instead of playing.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Twilight Princess without a doubt. Twilight Princess feels like a playable movie already, there are so many different characters that you have to talk to in the game in order to progress, and you always have a specific reason to go into a dungeon other than it's just the next dungeon. And even if there is little reason, they make up for it by giving each dungeon its own relevance to the plot of the game.
Apr 16, 2010
One idea I've had is to create a movie trilogy surrounding the Hero of Time. The first movie would be the child portion of Ocarina of Time; the second would be the adult portion; and the third would be all of Majora's Mask. With OoT being by far the most iconic Zelda game and MM being a strong continuation of its protagonist's tale, I see it as a nice fit for a movie series.

I'd extend OoT into two movies, simply because of its length being neither fit for the two to two-and-a-half hour movie time frame nor comparable to the much shorter MM. Another thing that would need to be fixed regarding OoT in the transition to the big screen is character interaction, especially in the latter half of the game; there's some with Sheik and the Sages but little else, and I think that would need to be changed in order to not be boring - OoT was able to pull this off the slight barrenness as a video game, but wouldn't be able to as a film. Going along with this, the temples would have to be rather profoundly edited, in order to retain a reasonable length and keep the audience's attention. The last thing I'd change about OoT is I'd give Ganondorf - and perhaps some other characters - more screen time; this would provide an aforementioned bolstering of character involvement that I think would be necessary in an OoT movie, or any Zelda movie for that matter.

As for Majora's Mask, it could stay how it is primarily. Its characters were much better involved, though the question would be raised of which sidequests could be incorporated into the movie. Also, the times at which the Song of Time is used by Link would need to be figured out, but that is a rather minor issue. As with OoT, the temples would need to be condensed, especially with the somewhat prodigious length of MM's temples. Another thing related to my OoT suggestions is that Skull Kid should be given more screen time; I'd also recommend allowing some of the in-game sidequests to play out on their own without Link, just to give a short, refreshing break from his storyline and focus on the distraughtness of all of Clock Town - similar to the events in Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises.

With these changes incorporated in development of the movies, they could really play out nice. To make another connection to the Dark Knight Trilogy, I think the films would need a realistic tone to be successful, though this could be executed with either CG-animated or live-action movies. If all or most of that was implemented into a film trilogy based on the events of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, I think it could result in an incredible production.


The Angry Mask Salesman
Aug 18, 2012
I voted for all new movie, but there's never going to be one because they would loose to many fans if they let one tiny thing out of the movie. Good idea for a poll though :)
Jul 17, 2010
I have to vote for Ocarina of Time. The story in the game is so amazing and it influenced the stories from other games like Wind Waker. If there is ever going to be a Zelda film, I really hope it will be based of Ocarina of Time (and not be horrible).


Pokalink the avaricious
Feb 5, 2012
Outset Island
Coulda sworn i answered to something like this not to long ago... But still i stand at Ocarina of Time theres plenty of emotion, a great opener cool battle scenes, and unique charecters. Also it would open up an oppurtunity for a quick Majoras Mask sequel.


Cheese & bacon potato
Jun 20, 2012
New Jersey
Either TWW, TP, or OoT, but I ultimately went with TWW.

The reason why I went with TWW was because I feel like the cast/director(s) can do a lot with things, such as the actions, emotions, cutscenes, etc. (which I also believe that TP is also capable of doing as well)

In all three games, they have unique storylines which would make the movie interesting.

TP has—emotions, that 'dark' feel
OoT—is one of the best in the Zelda franchise. Who wouldn't want to see a not-horrible movie based on one of the greatest games in Nintendo History?

I wouldn't want a mix of the games though. I prefer to see something played out on something I have knowledge on, rather than not having a clue what the storyline is.
I've been rethinking this question and seeing as how the thread is still active I don't see why I can't voice my views once more.

The Wind Waker would make for a phenomenal screen showing. The characters resonated with me more so than any installment before or since. An extra emotional layer was added because for the first time Link had a family of his own. It appeared as though he belonged on Outset Island but when danger came afloat he was forced to pursue the Helmaroc King.

Given TWW's lighter aesthetic I believe it wouldn't be difficult to create a gorgeous animated picture from it. This style would strike the same chord as the Gamecube gamer appealing to younger and older players alike.

The biggest asset in TWW's arsenal, however, is the powerfully moving narrative. Traditionally Hollywood flicks focus on sex and violence and this would provide a refreshing break from the norm. It's not your traditional chase after your sister either. Ganondorf is an antagonist of high sentimental value who pursues his course not out of revenge but would he deems goodwill and savior from gods who have abandoned their people. The plot twist with Zelda actually being Tetra and Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule in disguise as the King of Red Lions would add vigor and excitement to the production.

That's for novice players and those unfamiliar with the series of course. We veterans will be excited for any movie version of Zelda as long as it isn't terrible like the Super Mario Bros. movie.

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