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Oct 28, 2008
It seems a good idea. I too have thought of this. I would ceartianly love it. Although none of my friends are in to Zelda so I couldn't play it with them. But even if Nintendo didn't make one and made a Zelda game with "Drop in, Drop out" co op I would still be happy. :)
Jun 6, 2009
I'm not opposed to Co-op... Four Swords was fun. I just don't think that MMO is necessary for Zelda. Co-op might be cool though.
I like the idea of being able to do that. but the aspects of the Zelda games I like wouldnt' be transferred over well into a MMORPG Zelda isn't an RPG style game to beging with anyways. I feel that instead of a Good zelda quality game it would just be any average MMORPG just rooted in the Hyrule Universe. which in that case probably wouldn't be good as a quality of game and would only be bought by extreme fanboys that just get everthing zelda even if its crap.


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May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
It is a very interesting idea, though I think it might work better if it was a Fire Emblem MMORPG.


That aside, a Zelda MMO wouldn't really work without a dedicated team to release new dungeons and updates, and that's not too likely given Nintendo's need to put the good teams on producing big-name titles with Miyamoto on staff.


hmmm maybe not like a full mmo but like so it has like a 30 person limit per game/server/thing


So what would it be about? There'd have to be a story given. Perhaps it could take place during one of the wars mentioned in the games.

It'd probably in the war timeline where the races have pieces of the triforce, and the war ensues.:clap:


The Zelda Master
Jul 17, 2009
Jabu-Jabu's Belly
An MMO called Graal was originally a Zelda MMO, but they got sued up the *** by Nintendo.

As for an official Nintendo MMO, yeah. That would be sweet.


this idea is very good, Nintendo could make a Zelda game the there is a option to play online with friends, exploring dungeons, discovering mysteries or make a internet game like Runescape, ragnarok, but about Zelda like it was said.


Feb 24, 2010
Eh. I know I would never play it because I haven't found a MMO that was truly enjoyable yet. Someone's always whining or begging or gloating, and I get bored of grinding after a while. However, even if I personally don't want it (along with plenty of other Zelda fans, I'm sure), it doesn't mean it shouldn't be made. If it makes money for Nintendo, it's clearly a good decision. My only issue would be that there'd probably be a delay in actual Zelda games if they put an MMO into development.


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Sep 30, 2009
I would love to see a Zelda MMORPG, but I guess my conception of it is pretty unique (and extremely unlikely).

I'm not terribly interested in the idea of mechanical rpg Zelda, with a leveling system, equipment, and the like. That's the sort of thing that creates hordes of heroes and turns Hyrule into.. something other than Hyrule. If Nintendo produced some sort of graphical Zelda roleplaying environment, I would love it from here to eternity.

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